Sunday, July 01, 2007

Where'd the weekend go?

Despite my best intentions, I've frittered away the weekend without accomplishing anything worth scratching off my list. With the laundry done and the house cleaned earlier in the week, I had plans this weekend for major grocery shopping, extensive blog reading, and at least one substantial post of my own. Instead, I ate the last of the cereal for breakfast and the last of the frozen pizza for dinner. (The two meals were close enough together that there was no need to worry about what to have for lunch.)

I turned the dishwasher on but haven't unloaded it, so my pizza baking pan is now in the sink. I needed to shower before going to the grocery store, but I also needed a haircut. It made sense to cut my hair before the shower, and by the time I'd finished all that I'd figured out how to postpone the grocery shopping for one more day.

This morning's newspaper is still in its plastic bag, unread. In fact, the newspaper would still be in the driveway if Kim hadn't stopped by and brought it in for me. That's because I put my bathrobe back on after the shower. It was already late in the day, and there didn't seem to be much point in getting dressed since I wasn't going anywhere.

I did complete some things that were not on my list. I finished Harlan Coben's latest book, The Woods, which was a pretty good read. I snuggled on the sofa with Butch and watched old movies on TV. I started a jigsaw puzzle, something I used to enjoy and haven't done in a year or two, and worked late into the night without realizing what time it was. The puzzle beckoned to me early today and I, weak-willed, gave in. That's what happened to my Sunday.

Expert rationalizer that I am, I'm telling myself (and you, now) I must have needed some R&R time, some mind-numbing quiet activities after the stress of my own and Kadi's recent health problems. I suspect "want" is a more appropriate word than "need," but I won't examine it too closely.

For the record, Kadi is back to her wonderful, bossy-dog-in-charge self. It's as if the stroke never happened. As the vet predicted, her recovery was quick and apparently complete, and I find it amazing. I'm still watching her very closely. Last night, when I woke in the night and realized I didn't hear her snoring, I tried to see her breathing, but it was too dark. I talked to her to wake her up, just to reassure myself that she was okay. At first I felt inconsiderate for waking her from a restful sleep, but then I remembered how many times she's done it to me.

As for me, I'm feeling much, much better. There's still a little soreness in my shoulders, especially when I'm on the computer for long stretches, but the discomfort is minor at this point. The present level of pain isn't enough to stop me from doing whatever it is I need to do.

It must have been something else that stopped me this weekend. Perhaps the lead in my behind?

P.S. I just realized what the date is. Happy Birthday, Joe. I miss you guys.


  1. pay back for waking you in the past. that's good! Grace has no problems with waking me early. Bella has no problem with using my belly as a trampoline. Oh how offended they'd be if I returned the gesture.

    I believe I've look at Cap to see if he's breathing more times than I care to admit.

    Mind numbing is important in that it rests us so we can move on with our daily routines and joys at a later time. The brain and body get tired, a rest is needed to keep up the lifestyle we've come accustomed to.

    I for one am on a pizza binge. I had roast beef tonight but pizza has been on my mind for day.

    good to see you again,

  2. Must be something in the air Velvet. I also frittered away the weekend, aside from laundry and real rough tidy up of all the community spaces. Scares me to think how lazy I'll be with a few more years tacked on!

  3. Velvet, : D

    So happy to see you posting!!! So happy Kadi girl is back in charge!

    You made my day!


  4. we agree, you must have needed some R & R so just accept it, it isn't the end of the world so just say "I deserved this" and I accept that i did it for myself! hear! hear!

    sounds to us like you had fun!

    peace and blessings


  5. Happy 4th of July Velvet. When you get a moment, pop over to my blog as I've named you a "Rockin' Blogger Girl" cause, well, you do rock!

  6. Glad you had a good weekend, and happy that you and Kadi both feel better! Happy 4th!

  7. My weekend was spent whooping it up at our local Strawberry Festival to celebrate Canada Day! See my blog for pics.
    And now my son has brought 13yr old golden retreiver Wendydog over for a short holiday.... and I had plans to go for a nice walkies and now it's raining!
    I'm so glad to hear your Kadi is back to normal.

  8. Austin, mind numbing and pizza binges are two things I understand and appreciate. Great minds think alike, huh?

    Kat, isn't laundry a great thing? It takes very little effort these days but all those clean clothes make it seem like a lot's been done. I can be sitting on my butt, reading a book or watching TV, and as long as the washing machine and dryer are running, I feel a sense of accomplishment.

    Holly, thanks. It felt good to be writing again.

    Keepers, thanks for helping me feel good about goofing off. Next time I do it (and there will be a next time), I'm gonna come straight to you for more affirmation.

    Robbin, this was a nice surprise! I look forward to checking out the other blogs you've included in this recognition.

    Ex-shammickite, I checked out your festival photos. Looks like lots of opportunity for fun there.


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