Thursday, November 27, 2008

In times of plenty and in times of need...

...we still count our blessings and appreciate the goodness that's ours to enjoy in this lifetime. Today I will be with my family. I'll fill my stomach with wonderfully prepared foods (except for my failed deviled eggs), and my family will fill my heart with joy, pride, and gratitude that I am lucky enough to be part of this particular group of people.

While I'm counting my blessings, dear readers and fellow writers, please know that you're among them. The stories and feelings that you share so freely have enriched my life and made me feel connected to a much larger world than I was before I discovered the blogosphere.

I hope you are safe and warm today and with at least some of the people you love. Happy Thanksgiving from Butch, from Kadi, and from me.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!! Scritches and kisses to the fur kids!

    I'm much better today although I don't feel like smelling food....

  2. A happy Thanksgiving to you and your pups, from me and my pups! Carmon

  3. Hope you had a good one! and let us know how the deviled eggs turned out!


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