Monday, November 10, 2008

Exercise equipment

There was a period of time in the late '70s when I walked four miles a day. We lived in a neighborhood that had sidewalks, and a good friend who lived across the street walked with me. With the exception of those long walks -- and quite a few nights of dancing -- I can't honestly think of any physical exercise I've ever really enjoyed.

In recent years I've exercised rarely, even though I understand how important it is. My knees are arthritic. If I sit too long, they lock up. I know exercise would be good for them, but most types of exercise I've tried have caused my knees to flare up and hurt so much that I've quit. I've been looking for something I could do that wouldn't put a lot of stress on my knees, and I think I may have found it:

The large box contains the Resistance Chair. Have you seen it on TV? (I won't advertise by linking to it, but Google it if you're interested.) I like the fact that the ads show older people using it. I also like the fact that I'll be able to do many (not all) of the exercises while sitting on my ample behind. In addition to the chair, I also ordered the Mini-Bike Exercise Cycle (smaller box in the photo) that goes along with it. I'm hoping that the strength-building and resistance exercises I'll do with this equipment will build up the necessary leg muscles to make my knees a little more stable, and that maybe that will alleviate the pain somewhat.

Now, in the interest of full disclosure, I must point out that I ordered this equipment more than two weeks ago. It arrived more than one week ago. I took the photo tonight, and you'll notice that the chair and the mini-bike thing are both still in their boxes. It seemed like such a good idea to order this stuff, but I haven't yet pulled the first staple out of the packaging.

Contrast that with three new packages that arrived today. I opened these three boxes as soon as I got home:

These books are exercise equipment, too. They'll exercise my imagination, and one or two of them might even exercise my brain. And they won't hurt my knees.


  1. I've seen that chair advertised, and thought about looking into it. I don't really like to exercise, but have been looking for something that won't take up too much room (like a treadmill), but will be effective. Give us a report after you've tried it, ok?

  2. I used to work out at a gym daily for about 15 years until my feet got too bad. Other than yoga, I hated every minute of it!

    The only exercise I really enjoy is when I walked my dog 3 miles a day or the hikes I take now.

    Still, I miss how strong and flexible I was so I've returned to yoga. I don't always love it but I'm loving what it's doing to the bod...

    I know beach body has a workout tape for older people. I borrowed it when I was thinking of going back to yoga. Those Sr. citizens kicked my butt!

  3. Hi Kim's Mom!
    I just went to Kim's site and it is down/gone?
    Hope everything is okay?

  4. I had to laugh and really hard when I read this post. I have a perfectly good treadmill taking up a considerable amount of room in my office and I use it to store boxes of beads! I did get out once last week to walk the dog and she is still looking longingly at her leash as it hangs by the door. Okay, tomorrow we will go for another walk.

  5. Betty, another selling point for the chair is that it's supposed to fold up for storage, which I'm counting on. I'll post an update after I break it out of the box.

    Creekhiker, I've always thought yoga would be a healthy thing to do for the mind as well as the body. Then I picture a slender woman doing yoga exercises on a mat, and that picture rapidly morphs into a mental picture of myself struggling to get up OFF the mat...You get the idea.

    Jami, thanks for asking about Kim. She's fine, but her website has been down for several days. She was hoping it would be fixed by today, but so far no such luck.

    Nan16, in the past I've owned not one but two unused treadmills. In your case, though, I'm thinking you ought to move those boxes and put a comfortable chair next to the treadmill. You could sit in the chair and read while the dog walks on the treadmill, and you'd both be happy. ;)

  6. On both counts, our economy thanks you.

  7. Who can be bothered opening boxes of exercise equipment when there's such treasure to be savored??


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