Sunday, November 16, 2008

The compliment of his trust

It's standard procedure at my house that when the dogs come in after going outside to take care of their business, they get a little treat. As long as they don't take advantage of us by asking to go outside over and over solely for the purpose of the treat (which one dog tried), they can depend on it.

One recent night after Kim had worked here in her shop until late in the evening, she let the dogs out before heading for home. Lucy, Winston, and Kadi were glad to go. Butch, however, was way too comfortable. I was leaning back on the reclining end of the sofa, and Butch was lying beside me, his head on my chest. His ears perked up when Kim asked, "Who wants to go outside?" but he didn't move.

Five or ten minutes later, when the other dogs came back inside, Kim got out the dog treats. I could hear her handing them out to each dog individually, so I'm sure Butch could hear it, too. He still didn't move.

Immediately I could hear Kim's footsteps coming toward the living room where Butch and I snuggled, and as she came through the doorway and turned toward us, Butch simply raised his head a few inches and opened his mouth really, really wide. And Kim placed a treat on his tongue.

Kim and I were both moved to know how confident Butch was that he wouldn't be left out. It's a great feeling to be trusted.


  1. Oh, that's so sweet!

    Com'on Velvet, name names!!! WHO tried that trick of going out just to get a treat??? We want to know... (My money's on Lucy!)

  2. What an amazing feeling that must have been. To have a dog's trust is one thing, to have a blind dog trust in you is something else altogether, I think. I love reading about yhim.

  3. Creekhiker, you're right, it was Lucy.

    Duly Inspired, it made me feel *really* good.


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