Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Too much TV?

I remember only fragments of my dreams last night, but I'd like to be able to repeat one of the things I do remember:

As I drifted off into a dream state, a screen popped up in my head, looking very much like the list of DVR recordings on my TV screen. It was a list of dream topics. I selected one (telepathically, I suppose, for I had no remote control), my choice was highlighted for a brief moment, and then I began dreaming about that very pleasant subject.

Do you suppose the head honcho in charge of the human psyche has hired a tech support team? And if this was just a trial offer, do you know where I can sign up for the upgrade?


  1. Velvet thank you for your support during the last week. I am ok, grieving but not with out hope and faith.

  2. Patsy, you are very welcome. The strength you have shown under these circumstances is remarkable.

  3. Wow, I'd like to have a dream like that where I can choose which one I want to dream about! What did you eat before bed?

  4. Holly and Janet, I really liked the "dream selection" screen and wish I could have it all the time. Supper that night was scrambled eggs. You think that might have done it?


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