Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sometimes it's just a good song

Some of the songs I've chosen as "Saturday song selections" have special meaning to me, usually because they evoke memories of persons, places, events or time periods in my life. I knew that I was already living in Louisiana when today's selection came out, and I knew it was sometime in the '80s, though I couldn't have told you what year. I looked it up on Wikipedia just now and learned that the year was 1988.

These are the things I remember about 1988:
1) A long-term relationship fizzled;
2) In the spring I moved to an apartment complex where I'd lived once before;
3) I was working at a job I'd started in 1980 and would keep until 1997;
4) Women's clothes had big shoulder pads;
5) Big hair was popular among women and rock stars;
6) George H.W. Bush was elected president that November;
7) My grandmother passed away at the age of 92 that December.

Not a single thing on that list has anything to do with why today's song is one I never tire of hearing. I just really, really like the song.

"Baby Can I Hold You" by Tracy Chapman:

Also, just for the record? If I'd been born a black person, I would definitely wear my hair in dreadlocks. 


  1. Hell yea to the dreadlocks :) At 51I still consider it, and I'm not black :)

  2. Sandy, I like 'em on white people, too, but my thin, fine hair wouldn't do that in a million years. Not that I ever could have pulled off that look anyway. If you can, I say go for it.

  3. I love dreadlocks...if I were a few or many years younger, I'd do it. Don't know how it would look on a grey haired older lady,though, heh, heh! Wow, I'm so impressed that you remember 1988 so well...I don't think I can remember any one specific thing. xx

  4. Marion, I've moved a number of times in my life and associate the moves with events. It just so happened that 1988 was one of the years I moved, so it's an easy one for me to remember. Now, 1987? I couldn't tell you.


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