Sunday, October 09, 2011

"Borrowed" hummers

Some of you have posted beautiful photos of hummingbirds in the past few months. I've  admired the photos and envied you. I adore hummingbirds, but there are none around my house. I don't have a hummingbird feeder. Nor do I have any flowers except for the gardenia bush. Until I change that situation, I guess I can't let my expectations get too high, can I?

Well, one day recently, when I planned to spend the afternoon at my daughter's house, her husband called ahead of time and said, "Bring your camera. I think you'll be glad you did."

Was I ever? There must have been 15 or 20 birds hovering around their one feeder, all moving too fast for me to count. I'd never seen anything like that, although I do admit that my hummingbird experience is limited.

When I walked closer to the feeder, camera in hand, most of the birds flew what they must have considered a safe distance away. I could still see them, but they were too spread out to photograph. The bravest of them stayed, however, and I was rewarded with a few nice hummingbird shots that I can now share happily with you .


  1. Beautiful, Linda, just beautiful!

  2. Oh, my! You got some great shots!

  3. Thanks, Duly Inspired and Vicki. I got a whole lot of really blurry shots, too.

  4. wow! those are great photos! Good thing you were told to bring your camera.

  5. Janet, I know! Without it, I'd have been fit to be tied, as my grandmother might have put it.

  6. Oh how neat, Linda.... I love Hummingbirds ---and your daughter has a big bunch at her house.. How awesome... Ours are gone for the season!


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