Monday, July 11, 2011

Whaddaya think?

Today I came across a new widget that Blogger calls "Reactions" and added it to this blog. It gives you, the readers, an opportunity to grade my blogging efforts simply by checking a box labeled "good," "so-so," or "a waste of time."

Now, comments (a/k/a "pearls of wisdom") light up my life, and I certainly hope this new feature won't replace any comments you might feel like writing. Still, I know there are some people who read this blog regularly and never comment. I thought the new buttons (located at the bottom of each post)  might encourage those folks to express themselves with an easy, non-committal mouse-click.

You lurkers may not realize it, but I appreciate your visits and would like to know what you think.


  1. I'm of two minds-on the one hand, sometimes I have nothing to say about someone's post (not necessarily yours), and don't feel like straining my brain trying to find something to say. On the other hand, I think that clicking a simple thumbs-up is giving in to the current trend to super-simplify things. I believe that if someone takes the time to post a post, they deserve to know what readers think. I don't understand lurkers-it's OK for a little while, but I get a lot of views on my posts and very few comments. I wonder about the viewers-why not take a couple of minutes to introduce yourself? Oh, well.

  2. Janet, I lurked for months before I got up the nerve to leave comments on blogs, so I tend to think of the reactions feature as a baby step for people who are timid like I was. My biggest problem now is that sometimes I want to think about a post for a little while so I can leave a thoughtful comment, then I get sidetracked and forget to go back and do it.


Your comments might be the very best thing about blogging. I love it when you care enough to share your thoughts here, so go ahead and say what's on your mind.