Saturday, July 30, 2011

The NEW music in my head

We may be smack in the middle of a hot, steamy summer, but it feels like Christmas to me this morning. I was about to buy an iPod the other day when Kim told me she had one she wasn't using and would give it to me as soon as she got her music off of it. She brought it to me this morning and helped me get started uploading all my favorite tunes, so now I can have music wherever I go.

I know you're used to my posting videos that take us down memory lane, but this morning I want to stay in the present and share the soulful music of a newer group I discovered online last year: JJ Grey & Mofro. I've downloaded several of their songs since I first heard them, and when this one played while I was sitting outside earlier today, I knew it was destined to be this Saturday's song selection.

In addition to the music, I love the imagery in the video. It was probably filmed in Florida, since that's where the band is from, but I've lived in four southern states (Florida, Georgia, Texas and Louisiana), and the scenes in this video could take place in any or all of them.

Introducing "The Sweetest Thing" by JJ Grey & Mofro:


  1. Who says you're old? I love that you are still finding new music to love. I will admit that I rarely venture out of my comfort zone, although I sometimes listen to new songs by old favorites. I liked your song; especially the video and the part at the end with the baby and the ice cream.

  2. Great music and video!

  3. Annette, I find most of my new music (although not the song that's the subject of this post) on television, either in the soundtrack of movies or on shows like "Grey's Anatomy." When I hear something I really like, I write down a couple of lines of the lyrics, and later I google those complete lines, which usually turns up the lyrics and the name of the song. Then I go to YouTube and try to find the song to be sure it's the same song and the same voice I liked on TV. Once I find it, I check out other songs by the same singer, and if I like them enough, I download them on iTunes.

    My favorite part of the video was the little blonde girls, because they made me think of my own little blondes when they were that age.

    Pup, glad you liked it!


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