Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Poor, patient pooch

If I fail to close my bedroom door before I get on the computer at the other end of the house, Levi makes a beeline for the bedroom. He loves to rip chunks out of foam rubber dog mattresses, and all he needs is five or ten minutes' worth of opportunity.

Here's a picture I posted exactly two weeks ago today of Butch sleeping happily on his unblemished bed (the second bed he's had exactly like this):

Well, last night I forgot to close that door, and I got on line and stayed there a while.  While I was on the computer, Butch lay on the floor beside me, and Levi was in and out. I realized later he was more out than in, because when it was time to go to bed, I went into the bedroom and found about one-third of a dog bed and a carpet strewn with foam rubber.

I've shown you that kind of stuff before, so I didn't even bother to take a picture. And, as it was quite late, I decided cleanup could wait until morning. Levi was locked in his crate by then, so I left Butch alone and went to brush my teeth. When I returned, I found this scene and decided it was photoworthy:

Poor baby! Bless his little put-upon heart.

In spite of that pitiful photo, there's another part of this story that makes it at least a little bit funny. You see, even though I hadn't cleaned up the mess, I had taken a minute to retrieve the last, mostly intact dog bed in the house and put it in the spot where Butch's bed normally is. And I'd watched him sniff it, climb on it, and begin circling and pawing the bed like he does every night before he lies down. He was circling and pawing when I left to go brush my teeth.

That means that at some point in the going to bed process, Butch changed his mind and made a choice to sleep on this ragged little piece of a bed bunched up in a corner.

Hmm. I guess it's still pitiful, any way you look at it.


  1. aww, bless his heart! Kiss Butchie for me. Levi is unbelievably sneaky!

  2. Poor Butch. He looks so pitiful on his little blankie. That Levi is a one-dog wrecking crew, but we love him!

  3. And THIS right here is why I love Butch! He's so good at making lemonade!

  4. Where's the photo of his new bed? and does he like it? And, is it Levi-proof?

  5. I love this post!

  6. Ditto - what Alison said! Poor Butch!!! I can't say I miss the puppy days one single bit!

  7. Janet, Butch has been kissed, and yes, Levi is sneaky. He gets that from his father, the golden retriever who wasn't supposed to be anywhere near Levi's mother at that particular time, but without whom there wouldn't even BE a Levi.

    Annette, I guess the other bed didn't smell right to him. As for Levi, it's a good thing we all love him.

    Alison, you're right, and I never thought of it that way before: Butch DOES make lemonade.

    Janet, Butch met me at the door when I came in with the new bed, sniffed it thoroughly, and wagged his approval. It's soft and fluffy like the old one.

    Sandy, I knew that was you. :)

    Holly, I knew what I was in for when I decided to get a puppy, and I STILL did it. My mantra is, "He WILL grow up. He WILL grow up. He WILL grow up."

  8. That's what I told myself when Spot was a puppy! But you have to say it out loud of he won't hear it and grow up.

    I still tell Spot he's a devil dog sent from Hell to torment me, just like I did when he was a puppy. I think he remembers those words!


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