Saturday, April 05, 2008

Bloomin' peacock

Val asked me to try to get a picture of Mr. Pea "in bloom," and I didn't have to wait too long to do it. He stopped by last night and put on quite a show:

If you notice that the photos aren't as sharp as they should be, blame it on the subject: he wouldn't stop dancing. His performance seemed to be entirely for the benefit of my neighbors' pickup truck.

Earlier, I heard Mr. Pea's loud calls and went outside to find him up on the roof. He immediately jumped down to check out the contents of the goody bag in my hand, and we had a quiet little visit in the driveway. All that changed when the neighbors with whom I share a carport started up their truck.

The truck wasn't visible from where we were standing, but as soon as the engine started, the bird went into his full-out courting dance. He fanned his gorgeous tailfeathers, fluffed up his downy white butt-feathers, and pranced and preened, turning around and around directly in the path of the truck. I yelled to get him to move, but he was a man on a mission. The neighbors, forced to stop their truck, got out of it and took photos with their cell phones while they waited for Mr. Pea to finish his act.

I knew he liked that pickup truck, but I didn't realize how much. He spent much of last summer perched on the sides of the truck or resting in the bed of it. I'd pull my car into the carport next to the truck, and up would pop that bright blue head of his. That must have been amusing for the neighbors, although I suspect they may not have been too thrilled about the frequent poop clean-ups he necessitated.

A Louisiana peacock is apparently just like the average Louisiana man: He loves him a pickup truck. It must be something in the water.


  1. That is hysterical Velvet! Makes me think of that goose that fell in love with the swan boat. Animals can be such fun.

  2. Makes you wonder about reincarnation-I've wondered about Spot. ;-)

    I thought Mr. Pea had a family, didn't you mention that last year?

  3. I've never seen a peacock in person. Your pictures are gorgeous!

    We live in South Korea. They let NO Americans into North Korea. I'm a dear friend of Holly's and a big fan of Kim's.

  4. Velvet, I would have to agree...he's a Louisiana man for sure!

    Becky, I'm thought for sure you had seen my neighborhood flock...

    Anyone interested in closeups of Peacocks near Los Angeles: The LA Arboretum is a MUST.

  5. How very funny! A pickup truck lovin' peacock. Wish I could see him in person! Carmon

  6. Kat, it was interesting to say the least.

    Janet, I saw his mate last year and the year before but not this year yet. She keeps to herself (and her nest maybe?). I've never seen babies, though.

    Becky, it's nice to meet you. Please pardon the geographical error. My head knows the difference between North and South Korea, but once in a while that head is up my butt.

    CreekHiker, I knew you'd know what I mean.

    Carmon, you should see him with the dogs. He keeps an eye on them and doesn't allow himself to be cornered, but I've seen him go right up to the fence and taunt the neighbors' dogs.

  7. Oh I can just hear the sound of those feathers when he fans them out. It's such a nice sound. I suppose if I were a male peacock, I wouldn't think it so nice.

  8. Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures! He's gorgeous. LOL, Mrs. Pea is at home, hair in rollers wearing fuzzy slippers and watching TV while Mr. Pea is having an affair with a pickup truck. Apparently he likes his women hefty. But, even after all the flirting, he'll go back to "Madge" and the kids eventually like a good boy.

  9. Sister-Three, I believe he'd agree with you.

    Duly Inspired, I don't think I've ever paid attention to the sound of him fanning his feathers, so thanks for reminding me to listen. Once I see that huge fan (it must be six-feet across), all my focus shifts to getting a good picture of him.

    Val, that's too funny! I'm sure Mrs. Pea is exactly as you described. In regard to the pickup truck, I've read about peacocks' fascination with shiny things, including vehicles, so I suspect it's his own image that he finds so attractive.


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