Sunday, April 27, 2008

Did you know?

In the past few days I learned two new things, and I wish I'd paid more attention so I could give credit to the sources of this newfound knowledge.

While surfing the Net this afternoon, I ran across a computer tip on someone's blog: If you hold down the ctrl key while you roll the little wheel on the mouse back and forth, you can make the text larger or smaller. Try it. Isn't that cool? (Some of you probably already knew this, but it was news to me.)

On some show on the Animal Planet channel, I learned that veterinarians now say that the old way of calculating a dog's age (one year in a dog's life equals seven in a human's) is inaccurate. The new way, they say, is to count the first two years of a dog's life as 25 human years, then add four years for each actual year after that. Under the old calculations, 10-year-old Butch would now be the equivalent of a 70-year-old human. But with the new math, he's only 57. That's much better.

Hmm. Now that I've checked the dog-age fact on the Internet, I'm finding that everyone seems to agree that the old method is obsolete, but opinions vary slightly on the numbers to use for the new method. At any rate, I've just this minute discovered a very handy chart in case I forget from day to day how old my dogs are.

Whatever. Class dismissed.


  1. Well according to that chart, Vannie is 82! If I'm tossing toys and chasing my tail at 82,I'll be one very spry old woman! Carmon

  2. Carmon: Go, Vannie! She inspires hope in all of us gals of a "certain age."

  3. I just found about that Ctrl and mouse thingy a couple weeks ago. I thought that was the bee's knees, too! ;-)

    Gee, it's hard enough for me to multiply Spot's age by 7 and now there's a whole new way to do it. I bookmarked the chart so I don't have to do mental multiplication. Thanks!

  4. You mean Mabel is nearly MY age! No Way!!!

  5. They say you should learn at least one new thing a now I can fluff off tomorrow cause I learned TWO new things thanks to your post. Great things too. I especially like the bit about enlarging the know how THAT goes anymore. They just don't make glasses like they used to. So thanks for the tid-bits...they are good ones.
    My dog is just a baby only 2. But my daughter's old gal..her black lab, Millie...she's 88! No wonder she gives us "THAT LOOK".

  6. Velvet, how would I do that on a laptop with no mouse? I bet there is a way...find out, Velvet.

    My dog Belle is 11 so she would be 25 plus 9 years (45)= 70. The other way she would be that right? Did I read you formula correctly...not much difference.

  7. Janet, I've been trying to figure out why I even care how old my dogs are in "human years." I think I like to know that so I can empathize with aches and pains they may have and can't tell me about.

    Holly, Mabel will pass you up before you know it.

    Val, it's exciting to learn new things, and I was tickled to pass them on.

    Sister-Three, I'm thinking 11-year-old Belle would be 25 + (9x4=36) = 61.

    In regard to changing the text size if you don't have a mouse, the only way I know to do it is to click on "View" on your menu toolbar, then click on "Text Size." That method isn't as handy as the ctrl-mouse wheel tip I wrote about yesterday, but it gets the job done. Maybe somebody else who's lucky enough to have a laptop can teach us an easier way.


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