Friday, April 11, 2008

Blame it on Janet

If you’ve been here in the last few days and haven’t found anything new to read, blame it on Janet. It’s all her fault.

Janet recently posted five of her favorite links, and one of them led me to JigZone, the jigsaw puzzle site where I’ve been held captive for many days now.

Each evening I’ve told myself I’d work only one puzzle, certainly no more than two, and then I’d write something on my blog and leave comments on yours. And each evening I’ve told myself a big fat lie, because I’ve ended up working one puzzle after another until well past my bedtime.

As an expert rationalizer, I convinced myself a long time ago that jigsaw puzzles are valuable. The process of fitting tiny puzzle pieces together actually makes me more observant, more finely attuned to my surroundings. For example, if I go outside after completing a puzzle, I look at a stand of trees and notice the differences in the shapes and colors of the leaves. I pay attention to one tree that leans in a particular direction, to a patch of blue sky behind the branches, to areas of sunlight and shadow. All in all, it’s a nicer way to see the world.

I haven't noticed getting the same benefit from these tiny puzzles that can be worked in about five minutes. But I do adore the instant gratification. The puzzles are so pretty. And they're so much fun! And they’re so spectacularly addictive!

Hmm. Now I'm thinking maybe you haven’t been here at all recently. Maybe you found the JigZone link, too, and maybe you’ve become obsessed and have spent all your time there.

Maybe I don’t have any readers left at all. If that’s true, I blame Janet.

(Janet, if you read this, can you recommend any more good sites? Please?)


  1. Hahaha! I noticed that other people don't seem to be posting too often lately, and wondered if it was spring fever or something. Now I know what the "or something" is as far as you!

    I do have another one for you, I'm a member, have been for a couple of years. I sometimes lose track of time playing the word search games and trying out other games, and it's invaluable if Mom or I get stuck with the day's newspaper crossword-I can get the answers there.

    Sorry-I got distracted playing trivia!

  2. Velvet, My late Uncle (from Denham Springs) loved puzzles and could sit down and work one for days on end. He would often complain that they were too easy and put them together upside down (cardboard side)!

    Well, at least we know where you are!

    Have fun!

  3. Me too! I've worked my way through all of the 'Fine Art' ones and now I'm doing the flower ones. It's Janet's fault! Carmon

  4. You know, you can sign up on JigZone to get a daily email with a link to the Puzzle of the Day. But it doesn't sound like you need it. :D

  5. gee, thanks Velvet-I'd ignored the button to the Puzzle Society that I have on my toolbar until you asked for more puzzles, and now I'm back to doing puzzles when I should be doing something else. :-p

  6. I can't blame Janet, it isn't jig saw puzzles keeping me away, but Risk. I'm all into world domination now days.

  7. Okay, I tried for days not to go to that website with the puzzles and finally gave in last night. Around 1:00 am when I couldn't uncramp my hands, I finally gave up! They ARE addictive, I'm going back tonight!

  8. okay, I'm worried, Velvet-have I created a monster, or are you just using the puzzles as an excuse not to post?

  9. Velvet, I just gave you an award over at my place if you would like to 'claim' it and pass it on!

  10. Velvet, Enough with the puzzles. Come back already!!!! We miss you!!!!

  11. The puzzles kept me busy without engaging my brain. They were just what I needed at the time, but go there at your own risk. It's hard to find your way back from the JigZone.


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