Saturday, April 26, 2008

Talk Radio Haiku

Ranting, radical,
muckraking windbag spewing
hate for a living.


  1. I could take a guess at who you are talking about but then there are so many these days!

    Nice Haiku!

  2. Do I recognize Rush Limbaugh?

  3. CreekHikier, your guess would most likely have been correct, but you're right, there are a bunch of them out there now.

    Betty, you got it. When I first posted this I had the word "windbag" linked to his site, but then I got concerned that some "dittohead" might stumble across this and flag my poor little blog. Courage has never been my strong suit.

  4. The only thing worse than talk radio is talk tv...then you have to look at the idiots too.

    Thank you for the sympathy to our family.


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