Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Today I Didn't Cry

Another blogger’s post yesterday reminded me of this poem I wrote many, many years ago. I’ve often told others that the best part of getting older is the wisdom, gained through experience, to know that when life dumps a load of misery on your head, you will get through it.

I think these words may affirm something the other blogger already knows. Or maybe there’s someone else out there who needs a reminder that life does, indeed, go on. At the very least, I know my sister likes this one.

Today I didn’t cry.
The tears were there as usual,
Just below the surface,
Waiting to spill forth
As liquid proof
Of the parasitic pain
That feeds endlessly on my spirit.
But today I didn’t cry.

There was a necessary time
For quiet desperation,
For grieving and for mourning
The erosion of a dream.
Now it's time to turn my thoughts
Outside myself.
Today, for the first day in a long time,
I didn’t cry.

The tears I’ve shed have blinded me.
Today I blinked them back
And saw that life exists
Beyond the boundaries
Of my disillusionment.
I looked around and understood
That there is much I want to do.
Today I didn’t cry.

Today, with unclouded vision,
I saw the opportunities
That life is offering me.
If I will open my heart
To release the pain I’m holding inside
And reach out to the world around me,
I will find richness and fulfillment
And the chance to dream again.
Today I didn’t cry.

Tomorrow I will sing.


  1. Oh your timing is perfect! I'm going to share this with a friend who is going through a difficult transition in her life...thank you! Carmon

  2. We aim to please, Carmon. Best wishes to your friend.

  3. Velvet, WOW!

    I have a little book of poems that mean a lot to me... this one is going in there.

    Thank you! Holly

  4. "Tomorrow I will sing."

    I love it, so hopeful. Thank you for a beautiful poem, Velvet.

    (You're almost 3/4 through!)

  5. You are so very right - I DO love it.....and I love you, too! I have passed it on a time or two myself. Unfortunately there is always someone who can benefit from it.

  6. Creekhiker, I'm honored that you like the poem enough to save it. Thanks.

    Sunflower, I'm feeling hopeful myself right now. I HOPE I can find nine more things to post between now and the end of the month. This "race" has been fun, but I'm ready to run at a slightly slower pace.

    Fatty Grubs? A/K/A The Queen? ROFL! Kim said, "Is Aunt J. gonna have a different name every time she posts?" Try 'em all on, Sis, until you find one you like. I laughed out loud at "Fatty Grubbs"; haven't heard that one since you were about four.

    I hope y'all have a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow. Love ya lots!

  7. that is really cool. I like that a lot. sometimes hearing someone else say ..it gets better.. helps to drowned out the old messages in the back of your mind that doubt that life will go on. there are many people that would appreciate this poem.

    "I looked around and understood
    How much there is I want to do." That right there could bring tears to a girls eyes but for appreciation not sadness. There is a heck of a lot to still do I think you pointed that out very well in your poem.

    smiles to you and yours,

  8. Austin, I'm glad you like the poem. I hope your Thanksgiving will be a day of joy and peace.

  9. I come to your (bookmarked) page from time to time and always, always I am awed by your words. I wonder if you are puublished and if you are not, i wonder if you will consider becoming so. thank you for sharing your gift.

  10. Wow, Christy, what a nice thing to say. I'm not published (except for one poem years ago in the Baton Rouge newspaper's magazine section). The idea of being published appeals to me, but I'm not sure I have either the energy or the self-discipline it would take.

    The thing I love about the blog is I can write or not, about whatever is on my mind at any given time, and put it out there on the Internet without having to worry about other people's objectives and timelines. It's very freeing, and I love getting almost-instant feedback from kind people such as yourself. Thank you for delurking to let me know you've been visiting here.

    BTW, I checked out your site. You do some beautiful work, and I love your home page.


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