Thursday, November 02, 2006

Photo Night: Shadows

Since this is my favorite TV night (Survivor, Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy and Shark), I'm gonna temporarily designate Thursday as Photo Night here at "Velvet Sacks." I'm thinking it might be easy fun interesting to post photos that fit a different theme every Thursday.

With a little planning, I should be able to upload a group of photos earlier in the week (to compensate for Blogger's occasional moodiness) and post 'em on Thursday after work. That way I can spend the rest of my Thursday night in the recliner with the remote control in my hand.

Do you think this is cheating on my commitment goal of posting something every day during November? I realize I'll be doing a lot of the work in advance, but the photos won't actually be published until I click all the right buttons on Thursday. It'll be like having my suitcase packed and ready, then picking it up as I leave to go to the hospital to give birth. Nah, that isn't cheating. The baby's birthday is the date of delivery, after all, not the day the suitcase was packed.

Today's theme is shadows.

The shadow of a lawn chair put this pretty pattern on the patio. (Say that three times.)

Here, the shadow of a lampshade is reflected in a mirror that once hung in my grandmother's home. It's in my living room now.

Sunlight, shadows and jagged cracks worked together to decorate my driveway.

Most of you will look at this photo and see a half-shadow of me. Sandy, of "To Touch a Unicorn", will see that, too, but she'll also see the partial profile of a man's face, his big nose facing left. Ha! "Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?" The Shadow Nose.


  1. Sounds fair to me! Interesting you did a study on shadows...I'm challenging myself to do a study on wind. Ever try to photograph the wind in creative ways?

  2. Absolutely this counts! YOU are the artist, so if YOU think this is a "legal" post - then it is.

    Not that it matters, but I really liked this post. It seems to have taken quite a bit of thought to put it all together. I will probably walk around looking at shadows for the next two days.

    Run, Velvet, Run! You're on a roll!

  3. Lol Great post but I misread a line and did a double take *going to the hospital and giving birth.." whaaaat?
    Re-read...Ah! Phew! LOL
    And no, not cheating at all and they are great photos, love shadows and yes, I saw his nose! :p lol

    Ok you deserve your cookie ... what would you like to drink?
    Go girl, go!

  4. Those are very interesting photos, of shadows outside and inside. It's sort of a metaphor for your plan for Thursday - your posts will be visible while you enjoy relative obsurity watching your favorite TV shows.

  5. Carmon, I certainly haven't tried to photograph the wind. Good luck with that! (WindBAGS are apparently not too difficult to photograph; I've seen quite a few on the news lately.)

    Sunflower, thanks for the affirmations. The idea of being the one who decides what's legal is slightly intoxicating.

    Sandy, keep the giving-birth analogy in mind. Later in the month you may hear me complaining about the labor pains of posting every day.

    Annie, you're GOOD! That metaphor hadn't occurred to me at all, but it definitely fits.


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