Thursday, November 30, 2006

Photo Night: Through the car window on a rainy day

Here we are at the last day of November--and the end of the post-every-day-for-one- month challenge--and it falls on Photo Night. This week's theme isn't the one I'd planned, but my camera was with me as I drove to work in a rainstorm, and the rain kind of "artified" some otherwise drab scenery.

Directly across the road from the end of my driveway is a patch of woods. I took several shots of the trees through the windshield with unsatisfactory results. Then I turned the wipers off and got this one that I kinda like:

The squatty little car on the road in front of me almost disappeared in the falling rain:

This is a cropped photo of a pretty little cemetery I pass every day. The original shot was twice as high and twice as wide--with a huge image of a windshield wiper diagonally across it.

Normally, there isn't much water visible at this spot, but today's hard rain quickly raised the level of the creek.

I really like this shot--except for the dadgum rearview mirror. Unfortunately, cropping the mirror out also took out either the water and the lacy tree or the majority of the rusty orange color.

If you look closely at the bottom left of this one, you can see rainwater blowing around the car and splashing up on the road.

A lot of people couldn't work today because of the weather. At least a few of those rained-out folks sought shelter in Henry's Bar.

The rain slacked off early in the afternoon. Now that November is over, I plan to slack off a little bit myself. The challenge was fun--especially with a "racing partner" like Carmon blogging along with me day after day after day--but I'm ready to reclaim some recently missing parts of my life.

I've missed having all the time I need to cuddle on the sofa with Butch and Kadi. They've let me know, mostly by scratching my leg and bumping their heads against my mouse hand, that they've missed the cuddling, too. I've fallen behind in reading your blogs and look forward to enjoying them at a more leisurely pace. My house is even messier than usual, and I paid late fees on two bills that I kept waiting "one more day" to pay. It's definitely time to get things back on track.

I'll be here a lot, but without the pressure of posting something every day. As for tonight, Grey's Anatomy has started and supper's waiting. The slacking off starts right now.


  1. You deserve a rest, Velvet Sacks. You have been magnificent in your month of daily blogging.

  2. Hooray for couch cuddling! If I can get Ellie to draw in some of those long legs a bit, that's right where I'm headed! Thanks for the challenge - it's been really fun. Carmon

  3. These pictures are so pretty, landscape the way I sometimes see it when I dream, misty and soft. Great job Velvet!

  4. Congratulations! Yippee! You made it! Thirty consecutive days of worthy posts. My hat is off as I bow down to you. In all that time I was able to crank out a measly five posts (but honestly, I think my last one should count for at least a week's worth! LOL)

    These photos are very cool. I never considered taking rainy day photos to avoid melting (or shorting) my camera. But you have achieved such an interesting effect shooting through the glass. I like the distant rain as well as the drops on the window. Nice!

    Now you have yourself a well deserved rest - I'll be waiting for your return. BTW - I think WE have that rain today!

  5. You have the cleanest car windows I've ever seen! (I have nose prints all over mine) Great job posting every day for a month!! It says alot about you, you commit to something, and follow through, I respect that!

  6. Happy lazing. Well deserved.

  7. Heh! Looks like English weather, Velvet.

  8. Hope you're making good use of your time now that blogging month is over. By "good use" I mean cuddling Butch and Kadi, not cleaning the house!

  9. Annie, thanks, but don't think we don't notice that you post every day EVERY month. Let's just say that this challenge renewed my respect for you.

    Carmon, now I have a mental image of you sitting on the sofa, one dog on either side, one across your lap, and twelve legs sticking out in all directions.

    Thanks, Kat. They reminded me of watercolors, which, in a way, they were.

    Sunflower, thanks for your steady support. It made a difference, knowing you were standing there on the cyber-sidelines with the water bottle.

    Sandy S., you have a new screen name! My doggy nose prints are confined to the back seat, fortunately. As for the commitment thing, don't give me too much credit based on this one thing. I'm good at following through when I LIKE doing something, but there are unfinished projects all over my house. If you remember, I gave myself permission to quit in my very first November post. But thanks, just the same, I liked thinking about myself that way for a moment.

    DI, I have lots of experience lazing; it will be good.

    Anton? T.C., you have a sexy name, but that's the first time I've heard it. I miss your frequent updates and hope you're enjoying your new job.

    Janet, your idea of "good use" is the same as mine, no worries.

  10. Well done Velvet both for your endurance and for the great photos and posts you have done. Grat reading.
    Now enjoy your leisure and a big cuddle on the osfa with your dogs.
    Love these from the car window shots, you live in a lovely area.
    Enjoy the holidays.


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