Sunday, November 05, 2006

Procrasti Nation: my country of origin

Yesterday I took a "before" picture of my messy desk area, books and papers piled literally a foot high in some spots. My plan was to clean it up, get organized again, then take an "after" photo so you and I both would know how it's supposed to look.

Uh...the "after" shot will have to wait a while longer. I've made some progress, but there's still a lot to do.

Here are some of the things that were on my desk (two desks, actually) at the beginning of the day:

  • Printouts of my first four months of blog entries, except for those I gave to someone who "doesn't like to read online";
  • Eight different stacks of genealogy research printouts;
  • Two genealogy books;
  • One website-creation book and four pages of HTML code;
  • A reverse dictionary and a book on American slang;
  • A stack of two non-fiction and five fiction books that were moved to my desk "temporarily" when a nearby shelf broke;
  • Two identical 2006 Ascension Parish telephone directories and a 2004 Baton Rouge phonebook;
  • Two fold-out maps: Baton Rouge and Missouri;
  • At least a hundred photographs, scattered in little stacks;
  • Assorted utility bill receipts and bank statements;
  • My great-aunt Hazel's diary covering January 1942 to September 1944;
  • My own well-worn baby book;
  • A sympathy card that wasn't mailed within a decent amount of time;
  • A delicious-sounding recipe for corn casserole (already misplaced and probably in the trash);
  • Assorted CDs, DVDs, zip disks and 3-1/2" floppies;
  • Two empty softwear boxes and two unopened (free) ones;
  • Three looseleaf binders of computer, electronics and appliance manuals;
  • One book of logic puzzles;
  • Things you'd expect to see, like the stapler, Post-Its, paper clips, tape, and more pens and markers than any human needs.

  • This process would be so much easier if I could focus on the task at hand. I have well-organized files to put papers into, but do I pick up a piece of paper and put it in it's proper place (Peter Piper)? No. I read it, and I think about it, and it reminds me of something else, and there I go, off on another tangent.

    There've been distractions, too. Saddam Hussein received the death sentence and another religious leader crashed and burned. I finished one really good book and started another. I read part of the Sunday paper. Chocolate covered cherries are in the refrigerator and keep calling my name. I had nice phone chats with both of my daughters. Kadi and Butch have had to go in and out a number of times, and sometimes they just needed their bellies rubbed. And when I sit at my desk and look out the window toward the neighbor's yard, I see golden sunshine, blue morning glories, white lattice and green leaves.

    Who can work with all that going on?


    1. Oh're desk sounds just like mine. Except instead of photos I have jewelry tools, findings and partially assembled or disassemble pieces of jewelry. Thanks for cheering me on, this is kind of fun! Carmon

    2. Well, after my day of desk cleaning several blog entries back, I can certainly relate! The mess is creeping back and I have to beat it back down, very soon. Yes, we must be compatriots from Procasti Nation; I hail specifically from the county of ADD.

      The NYC marathon was today - so glad to see you still running!

    3. Inhumanely possible to keep a desk cleaned. Mines always a wreck. I'm afraid to put anything away in case I "need" it in the next five minutes.

    4. what a lovly photo, morning glories, we have very little green now except for cedar trees. winter is upon us.

    5. I love the distractions from the task at hand, letting yourself follow the line of discovered memories. Sounds as if you had a perfectly pleasant Sunday (Peter Piper).

    6. I know-sometimes procrastination is worth it. Yesterday I had to make a choice between washing the greasy breakfast dishes and skillet, or giving in to Spot's hopeful eyes and go out and throw his ball. Guess which one got put off. :-)

      Glad you found the thingy that lets non-Bloggers comment!

    7. See, this is what I love about you guys. I confess my shortcomings, you let me know I'm in good company, and the little guilty feelings just vaporize and disappear. No therapy needed.

    8. Your desk sounds like a treasure chest to me! Fun. Wish i could help you 'clean up' - I love a good treasure chest.

    9. Jackie, the treasure chest idea appeals to me--except if I dig down another layer or two, I wouldn't be surprised to find 16 men on a dead man's chest, yo ho ho, and a bottle o' rum.


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