Wednesday, May 10, 2006

IDOLiked to see Katherine go home... now I'm really bummed. Every one of the final four American Idol contestants has a lot of talent, but I don't think Katherine is in the same league with Chris, Taylor and Elliott. She's a beautiful girl (even though she does have the shoulder span of a linebacker) and she has a very nice voice. She'd be fun to watch as the next Kelly Ripa (a/k/a the next Kathie Lee Gifford). But, people, Chris Daughtry is an awesome singer. What have you done?!?

The only way I can rationalize the shocking results of tonight's show is to believe that a lot of the voters assumed Chris was safe and threw their votes to Katherine, who was in danger after last night's performance. That coulda happened. Tragically stupid, but possible.

In spite of his unfortunate elimination, I have the utmost faith that Chris is gonna go on and do great things, music-wise. He's got the whole package.

Elliott Yamin, too, can have a good career, I think. He seems to be a sweet, sweet guy with a huge heart. He's easy to listen to (if you like easy listening), and Billy Joel can't hold on to the "America's-favorite-singing-elf" title forever.

That leaves me rootin' for the eminently entertaining Taylor Hicks. Come on, Homeboy, I'm countin' on you to really bring it next week.

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