Friday, May 05, 2006

His No. 1 Concern

Just finished watching "America's Funniest Videos," in spite of the fact that I had no intention of watching it. I never watch it intentionally, but if I don't change the channel immediately, I somehow get sucked into it again. Anyway, seeing the usual bunch of take-a-hit-in-the-groin clips reminded me of my grandson.

He's 16 years old now, a big guy who plays baseball and football and suffers his share of sports injuries with courage and dignity. When he was little, though, he was much more concerned about the hazards of this ol' world.

He was about four or five when we drove past the framework of a large home under construction. He craned his neck to take a longer look and said, "What kind of wood is that? That grey wood?"

"That's not wood," I replied. "It's steel."

"What is steel?" he asked, and I explained that steel is a very, very hard kind of metal, so hard that it would make the house much stronger than it would be if it were made of wood.

He thought about that for a moment, pressed his lips together and shook his head slowly from side to side. "Mmmmmmm," he said. "Sure would hurt your privates if you fell on steel."


  1. You made me laugh after a hard night of work. I enjoy reading your blog. I am one of Patsy's favorite nieces.

  2. out of the mouths of babs.

  3. Welcome, Erin. I'm beginning to feel like I know your family pretty well. Nice bunch of people.


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