Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Am I the last person in the free world... read Dan Brown’s most famous novel?

I bought The DaVinci Code months ago in response to all the hype, but for some reason I’ve kept moving it back in my books-to-read-soon pile in favor of other titles. I guess I thought the gimickry of it was what made it so popular, but now that I am reading it, it’s hard to put down. Now, I feel foolish that I didn’t start it sooner. discover Buffalo-style hot wings?

Why I never tried these until recently, I couldn’t begin to tell you, but I’ve made up for lost time since my daughter introduced me to them a couple of months ago. So far, I’ve sampled hot wings from about five different places. You know which ones I like best? The ones you can buy in a big bag in the freezer section at Wal-Mart and heat in your oven. They’re distributed by Tyson Foods. Really, really good! (And, by the way, Tyson is where Patsy, whose birthday is today, used to work.) see not even a single Star Wars movie?

Whatever. I can live with that.

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