Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sepia Saturday: A Flight of Imagination

This week's Sepia Saturday prompt is FLIGHT. As it happens, I posted my best "flight" photos earlier this year, before I ever heard of Sepia Saturday. They featured my father and his soldier buddies enjoying a photo-op with a downed WWII aircraft. Luckily, a cousin recently sent me some more pictures that were obviously taken on that same day.

My father, Paul, is the good-looking guy on the left in both photos.

If you want to see the other pictures of these young soldiers on their rare day of fun in wartime France, click here.


Let's move into the 21st century for this week's Saturday Song Selection and listen to another flight of imagination, this one about a "Holiday in Spain." I love this song.


The song is "Holiday in Spain" by Counting Crows.
Thanks to suzanne262 for posting this video and the lyrics on YouTube.

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  1. So glad you gave us the link to your earlier post - ideal for the flight theme.

  2. Thank you for both posts; your earlier one movingly contasts with the happy shots in the more recent post. Mixed emotions indeed.

  3. Those are two spectacular photographs. So full of life, so unlike so many posed and wooden photographic records.

  4. Oh do they look happy and proud. Wonderful photos.

  5. This song is very cool, and it's my favorite one of theirs I think! these guys are lucky they weren't playing around the plane in the air, right?!

  6. These shots are great fun. I've got so many shots my father took of guys in his squadrons messing around. Unfortunately he can't remember any of their names.

  7. These are such wonderful photos!


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