Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The eyes have it

My two boys look so much alike, even though Levi's hair is trimmed shorter now, that it isn't easy at first glance to tell them apart.

Levi (left) and Gimpy

I guess that's to be expected since they are brothers, born in the same litter. I've never seen their parents, but before I brought Levi home, I did see photos my niece had posted of Trooper and Phoebe, their father and mother.

Now that Gimpy has joined our family, I'm studying both dogs closely, paying attention to their physical similarities and differences as well as their behavioral ones. After their easily observable difference in size, the next thing I noticed is that their eyes are different, both in shape and in color. Gimpy's are a warm, soft brown, and Levi's are lighter, an amber or caramel color. Curiosity about the eye differences sent me back online to study their parents' photos on my niece's website and facebook page. That's where my eye questions were answered. Voila:

Levi with their mother, Phoebe

Gimpy with their father, Trooper

Genetics is interesting, don't you think?


  1. so interesting! it's good you're able to compare them with their parents. I think it'll take me a while to tell them apart though, so you'll have to caption the photos with their names for a while longer!

  2. Janet, I'll do it--for you and me both.

  3. They both have beautiful eyes! And yes, genetics is fascinating!

    I would be adding a spot of dye in different colors if they were mine!!!

  4. There are still times I can't tell my daughters apart, being as they too, are litter mates:) So I look to personality differences, and I suspect it's the same in the dog world. I am so happy with your new addition!

  5. Holly, Levi's collar is black, and I just bought Gimpy a red one. That should help.

    Sandy, you're right, the personality differences are easy to spot.


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