Thursday, April 12, 2012

And another week has flown by...

It came to my attention many years ago that the older we get, the faster time passes. But this week? Seems like the days have gone by at the speed of light. If time goes any faster than this, I'm gonna have to grab onto something solid and hold on tightly.

So, this week I've read some, cleaned house some, shopped a couple of times, walked some (though not every day like I'm supposed to), played ball with Levi for hours on end, and slept more than I should have. It's allergy season. Allergies make me dizzy, and antihistamines to control the dizziness make me drowsy. I'll choose sleeping over spinning every time.

The only day of the past week that stands out in my mind is Easter Sunday. In fact, I began writing this with the intention of showing you a few photos from that beautiful day. And maybe I'll do that this afternoon. Right now, though, I feel another nap coming on.  


  1. I definitely feel that the more I get older! And... allergies are killing me this year! Hope you are feeling and breathing better soon!

  2. Holly, the world seems to be spinning faster and faster, and the allergies set me to spinning in my own, independent orbit. I'm not programmed for all that speed. :)


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