Saturday, March 24, 2012

There's Nothing Sepia About This Saturday (except this post)

It is a glorious, technicolor day, warm but not hot, with a breeze that feels like a soft caress on my face and arms. Everything about this day shouts "SPRING!" Nevertheless, here I sit, indoors at the computer, because challenges intrigue me just that much.

This week's Sepia Saturday prompt is GOING OUT, and it almost stumped me. I have plenty of old photos of people who are dressed up but don't appear to be going anywhere. There are people lined up on stairsteps and people posing on the street, in a park, even two people dressed up in business clothes on a beach. Other folks are wearing their going-out clothes but are, in fact, merely posing formally in a photographer's studio.

I considered using one particular photo of a large group of family members gathered on the front steps because I'm pretty sure that all those relatives were in the same place at the same time because of a funeral. I thought that one could be twisted to fit the theme, but then I realized that the honoree of the occasion, the person who was actually "going out," wasn't in the shot.

Finally I found two photos I thought would do. The first one dates back to the 1940s and features my grandmother, Lola.

She was definitely out and about, but she doesn't look very happy about it. She was a very pleasant person and probably would have had a happier expression on her face if she'd been going to meet her lady friends for lunch or a movie, so I'm thinking there's nothing festive about this photo. She might have been going to work. Or to the dentist. Or maybe she was going someplace fabulous and was just annoyed that some mid-20th century paparazzo popped out and snapped her picture.

The only other photo I found that somewhat fits the theme is one I know I've posted here before, though I don't remember when or in what context. This one is from late 1944 or early 1945 and

I was clearly pretending that I was going out, just as I am pretending today that these two photos suit the theme. In this picture I was obviously discussing the feeding schedule of my child with her babysitter (my uncle Joe). I don't know where I thought I was going, but with those shoes and that killer hat, it must have been someplace fancy.


We're going out for today's Saturday Song Selection, too. Where? Why, "Downtown," of course:


The song (from 1964) is "Downtown" by Petula Clark.
(Click here to read the lyrics.) 
Thanks to nyrainbo2 for posting this video on YouTube.

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  1. Two absolutely wonderful photos! The one of you is charming - what pose!

  2. Funny you mentioned the funeral as someone "going out." There was something on television recently about the popularity of photos of the deceased. Wouldn't one of those have given new meaning to this week's theme! Oh well, I like you in your high heels just fine.

  3. What wonderful pictures. I thought the one of your grandmother was interesing because it was a closeup of her outfit and shoes. I enjoy looking at fashions from the past. In the background there's a storefront - wonder where she was going? The picture of you wearing the high heel shoes is adorable. How special to have a photo of your baby doll. Toys mean so much when you're little and it's nice to have a picture to go with the memory.

  4. Your grandmother and my grandmother look so much alike--the dress, the shoes, and the facial expression. My grandmother never smiled in pictures.

    I've seen a similar picture of my grandmother walking downtown. The picture was made by a street photographer. These were people who snapped photos of passers-by and then sold them.

  5. Velvet! I LOVE the pic of you!!! So cute!!!

  6. Your grandmother's look says it all, "Don't stop me. I'm not buying one."

    Uncle Joe is totally relaxed as if he has been 'baby' sitting all his life. Great high heels for a tottering toddler.

  7. It didn't nearly stump you at all - they are fabulous photographs and perfectly illustrate the theme.

  8. You are so funny! I love both pictures, but your narrative cracked me up. Thank you for the early morning chuckle.

    Kathy M.

  9. I love your pose and the look on your face!

  10. It just doesn't get any cuter than that! You were absolutely adorable. And what a patient uncle he must have been to hang around for girls and dolls and high heels.

    Lola just looks no-nonsense in the first picture. I bet she got things done.

  11. That picture of you is adorable!


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