Monday, January 17, 2011

Pot Pourri

It's a beautiful day today, about sixty degrees outside.  Rain is predicted to begin any minute, but right now the sun is shining, the dogs are sleeping, and it seems like a good time  for a blog update.  Here goes:

That cold thing:  
My last post was a short one about being cold. Little did I know when I wrote it that it wasn't just the low outside temperature that made me feel so chilly; it was also the first day of The Mother of All Head Colds. Today is the first day in a week I've felt halfway decent, and I still don't go too far away from the Kleenex box. I'm grateful to Kim, who made one drugstore trip and two grocery runs for me during the week, and to Kelli, who brought me two nights' worth of supper this afternoon.

The Tucson shootings:
I'm sure most people who intended to write about this have already done so, and I don't have anything to add to what's already been seen on TV or read online about this specific incident. I do have some strong opinions about the need for more stringent gun control, though, and I wrote about the reasons for those opinions nearly four years ago. If you missed reading it the first time -- and if you're interested -- you can click on this link.

Running with scissors:
About the only thing I accomplished all week was to clear off my kitchen counters and dining table of anything that didn't absolutely need to be there. On the day before I did that, my head was so full of fluid that any sudden movement sent me spinning. Levi saw my slow movements as an opportunity. At one point I heard a clanging sound in the kitchen. By the time I got up to see what had happened, he was in the den, lying on his belly on the futon, with my kitchen scissors in his mouth.

This time it was a hawk:
I recently posted about taking pictures of "hawks" that turned out to be buzzards, so this morning when I saw a very large bird swoop down and land on top of a tree just beyond my back fence, I was skeptical. I photographed it anyway and I'm glad I did. I knew there was a hawk around here somewhere.

Standing the test of time:
I snapped this picture while I watched "The Today Show" yesterday morning:

That's Meredith Vieira with the Video1 superimposed over her head. (I've tried everything I know to get that thing off my TV set, but it's still there, all the time.) What interested me was the outfit she was wearing, because I wore a nearly identical one 42 years ago:

Hemlines were higher in 1969, and heels were lower, but that basic black-knit, turtleneck  dress still works.

Talking about TV:
Last Wednesday night I watched "Off the Map," the new series produced by the people responsible for "Grey's Anatomy." I think I'm gonna like it, although the initial episode didn't hook me the way "Grey's" did. Tonight I'll watch "Harry's Law," because I love  Kathy Bates and because this show is the brainchild of the folks who created "Boston Legal." Then, this upcoming Wednesday marks the return of my guilty pleasure, "American Idol."

Are there any new shows you're excited about?


  1. I'm watching and recording "Damages" because I didn't see it the first time around. I also watched "Off the Map" and I am going to like it. Haven't seen the other one but I like Kathy Bates a lot so I'll look for that one. I'm not sure how much peace and quiet I'll get tonight. I'm watching my grandson and two extra dogs and one is a puppy. They want attention every minutes and are jealous of one another although I understand when I'm gone, they get along fine. Tinker stays at their house when I leave and really enjoys herself but here, I am HER possessionl.

  2. I have not been enticed to watch anything that I've seen promos for. But I do love that bird photo!

  3. I do miss you when you don't post.

    Helen See

  4. I had that same video on my tv screen, when the young guy came to install u-verse, he clicked on the tv's original remote and like magic it disappeared. You might try pushing every button on the remote...and I hope it works..

  5. Linda, Va va voom! Love the pic of you!

    Levi is clearly expressing his need for more rigid "toys!" Either that or he has a crafting gene!

    Re: the tv... Have your tied googling online ...very specific "make video disappear Make and model etc" ? You may find an answer!

    Off to read your other post.

  6. Nan16, I've never seen "Damages" but will check it out. Isn't it amazing how a few extra dogs and a small boy can fill up a house?

    Duly Inspired, it's no doubt a good thing that the TV promos don't tempt you the way they do me. TV is a bad habit. Glad you liked the hawk pic.

    Helen, thank you for telling me that.

    Beverly, thanks for the info. I've tried clicking all the buttons, adjusting the settings, etc., but haven't yet come up with the right combination. I may get desperate and call in a 12-year-old to help.

    Holly, you might be right about Levi's need for more rigid toys. The other day he took a stuffed animal outside with him. When he wanted to come back in the house, I told him, "No, go get your baby." He whirled around the corner of the house and came back seconds later with the hose nozzle in his mouth.

    I haven't googled the TV problem but will try that. Thanks.

  7. Oh, weren't you gorgeous. I wore little black skirts with a turtleneck and boots as was great for work, although those skirts weren't allowed to be too short, according to our company's rules.

    Your stories about Levi are so entertaining. I love pups and love to read about them, but I think I'm glad my two dogs are advancing in age..

  8. That hawk is going to sloop down and kill the little rabbits, mice and squirrels. Sorry bird!

  9. Hi Linda -- been a while and sorry to hear you are still feeling under the weather, I hope it passes soon.

    I love your photos - mini skirts and boots - ah, those were the days! :-)

    Tv shows? - I don't watch much tv apart from movies and we're probably eons behind you folks in the US but I've started watching a new series (to us anyway)called "Silent Witness"

    I don't post on "Unicorn" anymore but have a new site, although it's only to amuse myself really posting my artwok and some photos.

    All the best -Sandy

  10. Hope you're better by now!

    Levi is a rascal, isn't he? That reminds me of the time when Spot was a pup and had a stuffed monkey, I'd say "Get the monkey!" and he'd run over to Mom and look at her. Laughs galore!

    I'm liking "Being Human" so far, even though the vampire has a resemblance to the one in the Twilight movies, who I think is NOT handsome. And watching the Australian Open.

  11. Love the miniskirt and boots! Throw in the hair and you are channeling Dusty Springfield. I loved her, and you, too.

  12. Why have you gone away from your blog again? I so miss your posts. Teri

  13. Where are Velvet's words? It's now March. I've missed you!

  14. Marion, don't you sometimes wish you could carry a sign reading, "My generation INTRODUCED the mini-skirt, you little twit"? Or maybe I'm the only one who wishes that, now that I seem to have lost my sense of fashion.

    Sister-Three, you may be right about the hawk, but I'm not sure I mind too much. I've lived here 14 years and have never had a mouse in the house (knocking on wood here, as fast as I can).

    Sandy (Flight of a Butterfly), I'm delighted to see you again and apologize profusely for taking so long to tell you so. I just checked out your new blog and was quickly reminded of how beautiful your photographs always are. Thanks for sharing them with us again.

    Janet, that's too funny about Spot, your mom, and the monkey. I hope your mom saw the humor in it.

    Writing My Novel, I hadn't thought of Dusty Springfield in a long time, but I've been humming "Son of a Preacher Man" ever since I read your comment.

    Anonymous Teri and Duly Inspired, I know, I know, I know. I could just kick my own self for staying away so long. Thanks for letting me know you missed me.

  15. Unfortunately, this particular post has become a target for spammers who flood it daily with comments that include links to products. As a result, I am going to close comments for now.