Monday, January 10, 2011

Locked inside on a cold, grey day

No threat of snow here, but it's a gloomy, ugly day, and I'm cold to the bone.

Can you feel the chill?


  1. We're in the midst of a winter storm warning here, I'm watching it snow and waiting for Spot to decide he wants to go out and play in it. I'm not going to suggest it, I want to stay inside and be warm!

  2. Holly, I'm doing my best. The thermostat in the hall says it's warm enough, but I don't linger in the hall. I think I need a thermometer in the living room.

    Janet, I feel guilty complaining about being cold when I look at your area on the weather map.

    Duly Inspired, that's it exactly!

  3. it was 8 degrees here this morning.

  4. I can see a tongue sticking to that pole.... It is 74 here in Sunny AZ

  5. Patsy, I don't even want to THINK about 8 degrees.

    4th Sister, it was cold enough for a tongue to stick to that pole. I envy your warm weather.


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