Saturday, January 01, 2011

1-1-11: "Git 'er done!"

With the fresh start of the New Year in mind, I'm checking some things off my to-do list, beginning right here. First off, I've expanded the title of this blog to be more specific. I started writing here almost five years ago, and I've never been entirely comfortable with "Velvet Sacks" as the title. I do like comparing soft, velvet pouches designed to hold precious items to this blog that's a place to hold thoughts and memories I want to keep, but if I saw the name "Velvet Sacks" on a list of blog links, I wouldn't click on it. I'd think it was a blog specifically for the sale of actual bags made of velvet, like those pictured in the sidebar. In fact, according to my stat counter, more than a few people in the market for real velvet sacks have ended up, disappointed, right here.

I've also changed the way I'll sign my posts from now until the next time the wind blows me in another direction. Instead of Velvet Sacks, I'll be Linda@VS. Just telling you that so you'll recognize me if I leave comments on your posts. Even though I'm Linda now, those of you who are used to calling me Velvet may continue to do so if you wish.  (I'll keep Velvet in case I need a stripper name someday.)

Next to go from the sidebar was the reading list. I'd neglected to update the 2010 list since approximately last June, and even though I might conceivably do a better job this year, I don't need the pressure. So goodbye, reading list. And goodbye to "Velvet's Bookstacks," the book review blog I stopped updating too long ago to remember. Gone, gone. I'd rather spend my time reading books than listing them or reviewing them, but if I read something that's especially good, I'll write about it here. Probably.

At the suggestion of Holly (CreekHiker), I've put pictures of all three of my big, yellow-orange dogs on the sidebar. Measured on my monitor, that's about seven column-inches of sweet puppy love right there. And they all match my color scheme.

I still need to clean up my links list, but once that's done, the only other blog change I have in mind at this time is to post more frequently. We'll see how that goes.

Now, on to the long list of household projects.

What projects do you plan to tackle in the New Year?

Updated 1/2/11 to add:
Well, I changed the title back tonight. Just couldn't get used to the new one. The new version lasted less than 24 hours, which is approximately the same amount of time it took me after my first wedding to figure out that the marriage might have been a mistake. It's okay for a woman to change her mind, right?


  1. OH My! I've missed all the action! I do love seeing ALL the pupsters in the side column (Oh Geez, Mabel just pointed out that my header isn't really a very good shot of her. What have I started?)

  2. Happy New Year! My first project is creating a photo album/scrapbook for my niece from our cruise in July 2010. It is for her birthday. This Friday. I'll get back to it now!

    Oh, wait, I love the photos of your friends in the sidebar. Butch looks positively proud!!

  3. Holly, I'm feeling guilty because I left out pics of the granddogs, but they're on Kim's site, so...

    Alison, without even knowing her, I predict your niece will love the cruise scrapbook. What a delightful project.


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