Sunday, July 02, 2006

Summer Sunday Shower

Today's shower was a welcome event. Fireworks are legal in this parish, and the thought of those beautiful sparks shooting into the air and then falling to land in dry grass is a little unsettling. If it'll rain again once or twice between now and Tuesday, we should be in good shape.


  1. I always worry about firecrackers and idiot neighbors on the Fourth of July and Labor Day, especially when it's been hot and dry for a while.

    Great photos! I like the one of the rain hitting the ground.

  2. great pictures. 4 crackers always give me a headache. we have been really dry here also.

  3. Same here - we had about an inch of rain yesterday and more expected today. Our less than responsible weekend neighbors are home for the long weekend and they are known for being pretty stupid about fireworks. They have not maintained their property which is below us so a fire there would shoot straight up the grade to us.
    I was secretly glad when I saw lightning hit very close to their house yesterday...the evil ill wishing Carmon

  4. Rain - you gotta love it!

    We've had afternoon thunderstorms. They've been loud - but pretty. Thankfully, they brought us lots of much needed rain.

    As for the fireworks, seems we always manage to make our own! LOL!!! We all get together, grill, sit on the porch with my guitar and all our voices, and have a grand ole time! Can't wait!

    So, if you're in the neighborhood, stop on in. There's always a couple of extra rocking chairs on the front porch - just for our friends!


  5. i volunteered to work this 4th because I don't like firecrackers -- and I get paid time and a half and 30%. if i hadn't worked my husband would have tried to drag me to the fireworks display here and i'd have been miserable. last year i just held my ears and grimaced. i'm like my aunt patsy -- they give me a headache!

  6. Janet, I have some of those neighbors, too, and some of them drag out their celebrations for two or three days.

    Patsy, I wouldn't mind the noise so much, but it drives my poor dogs slap dab nuts.

    Carmon, I'm glad to know you have an evil side; welcome to the club.

    Priss, I've missed you. Your kind of celebration sounds wonderful. Wish I could join you.

    Erin, I'm glad to know the hospital will be well staffed on the 4th. The people Janet wrote about on her site today are depending on good folks like you.

  7. We had a little rain here in Texas and today the skies are very cloudy and I'm hoping for more. It was not enough to quell sparks from firecrackers though. Only one city around the area has permission to have a public fireworks display. We desparately need more rain or we will be going on water rations soon.


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