Saturday, July 01, 2006

Happy Birthday, Big Guy

Today's the birthday of the youngest of my siblings, who's waaaaaaaaaaaay older than the two years he was in this photo. He grew into those ears early, well before he reached six feet tall, and then he grew a few more inches just for good measure. Maybe it took that extra growth spurt for him to get big enough to house his huge, hearty laugh. That's one sound I could never hear enough of, and I hope those around him heard it often today.


  1. Happy Birthday, Velvet's brother!

    Nice post, Velvet. I hope your brother sees it and feels your love.

  2. So how old is Youngest Sibling?

  3. Thanks, Annie, he'll see it and read your good wishes, too.

    Janet, he's 48--and I'm the oldest at 63.

  4. Today is my son's birthday also. I will be posting a picture of him as a little guy and one of him at an older age on my blog. He is 47 today.


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