Monday, July 10, 2006

Droopy Drawers

That's what they called me back in 1944-45, when elastic was in short supply because all the rubber was needed for the war effort. As you can see by this snapshot of me with my uncle (who's only seven years older than I), I earned the nickname honestly.

If I were to post a current photo of myself, you'd definitely see the resemblance to this baby picture. Especially in the cheeks and thighs; after all these years, they look pretty much the same. I couldn't pull off a hat like that now, but I'd probably try the sweater, weather permitting. Also, I'm pleased to tell you that my shoes and underwear fit better these days and that I've always worn my skirts at a more modest length (except for a couple of years in Miami in the early '70s).

The only other thing I'd like to point out is that by the tender age of two, I'd mastered Renee Zellweger's over-the-shoulder red-carpet pose. Hmmmm. Maybe I should have gone into show biz.


  1. You sure were stylin'! Check out the micro mini and the high heels.

    No rubber, huh? wonder what they did with the bras...

  2. With those high heels, definitely show biz!

  3. As my mother would have said.......
    "you could break your neck in a pair of shoes like that!"

    She also used to say "Cover that bare chest up!" This was when I had one tiny button left unfastened!
    That's us yorkshire women for you folks!

  4. I'd say that look was much cuter than nasty 'ol Renee Swellbiter's (or whatever her name is).

    ...and much less like a stick insect.

    Hurrah! :D

  5. are in show biz...right here on your blog.

  6. I for one would like you to post a current picture of yourself attired in a simiar outfit.

  7. That's a precious picture. Can't you just imagine the family photographer rushing to get the camera so you could be captured for everyone to admire again and again.

  8. O.J., Noel and Mrs. N.: Those shoes may have been the reason for the over-the-shoulder pose; I probably wasn't capable of turning my feet around.

    T.C.: "Stick insect"--LOL!! Now I'm picturing a green walkingstick thingie with huge, pouty red lips.
    Thanks for stopping in to visit.

    SS3: Well, maybe show-and-tell biz.

    Mike: You might like for me to post that, but I promise you wouldn't like to look at it. I've been yo-yo dieting for years, and right now I'm on the wrong end of the string.

    Annie: The photographer was my mother, so that's probably exactly what happened. And that would explain why my uncle (her little brother) appeared to be so bored with the whole process.

  9. Very stylish! Love the shoes, love the photo. :)


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