Tuesday, July 23, 2013

What I've Been Reading

There wasn't a single clunker in this whole batch of e-books. I enjoyed them all. The best of the lot, though, were the two mysteries by Chris Culver. The main character in both Culver books is Ash Rashid, a detective with a law degree, a practicing Muslim with a drinking problem, and a devout husband and father who spends too much time on the job. I want more of Ash Rashid in the same way I can't get enough of Jack Reacher. I hope this will be a continuing series.

This time I've grouped the titles by category:

One Non-Fiction

If You Lived Here, I'd Know Your Name
by Heather Lende

Two Good Mysteries

The Abbey
by Chris Culver

The Outsider
by Chris Culver

Four Modern-Day Romances

A Minute to Smile
by Barbara Samuel

Sand Castle Bay
by Sherryl Woods

Wind Chime Point
by Sherryl Woods

Sea Glass Island
by Sherryl Woods

Five Historical Fiction Novels

Sarah's Valley
by Sharon Mierke

by Judy Alter

Far Away Home
by Susan Denning

Whistling Woman
by CC Tillery

The Birth House
by Ami McKay

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