Saturday, July 27, 2013

Digging In and Digging Up

I try to post something on Audrey's Ambition at least once a week, usually on Friday. Yesterday's post, written by my grandmother, was about her lifelong interest in cemeteries. I've read that essay several times before, but somehow, in transcribing it yesterday, I became determined to locate the small Missouri cemetery where her grandfather was buried. I've looked for it previously, but I finally found it yesterday as a relatively new entry at

Genealogy is a bit like I'd imagine panning for gold to be, in that the discovery of one little nugget sets off a big burst of energy and a flurry of activity, just in case that one nugget signifies a brand new vein to be mined. After a few small successes yesterday, I was back at it early this morning, digging--and frequently finding--photos of ancestors' graves.

In the case of Audrey's grandfather's gravestone, his original stone was evidently replaced after his wife died twenty years later. She was buried next to him, and the new grave marker had her name as well as his on it, along with the dates of their births and deaths. This would seem unremarkable to most people, but seeing it struck me funny, because my first thought was that Audrey's grandmother must still be rolling around in there. She was a spiritualist and, according to another story Audrey wrote, was convinced that he was haunting her in the years after his death. I wonder if she expected her final resting place to be right next to his.


Since I've spent the better part of the last two days poking around in online graveyards, I picked a Saturday Song Selection to fit that theme. This is a rather nice one:

The song is "Dig Two Graves" by Randy Travis.
Thanks to Ralphy Boy for posting it on YouTube.
Click here to read the lyrics.


  1. I always love to visit cemeteries when I'm in a new town for a prolonged period of time... I used to spend days off on location doing that! I like the history and I think I like the quiet!

    1. I loved the old, old cemeteries my sister and I visited on our Smoky Mountain vacation, and I agree with you that the history is part of the appeal. Each grave marker represented not only a person but the story of that person, and I SO wished I knew those stories.

  2. I too love cemeteries. And I will listen to the singer later. I don't think I have heard the song.

    I also thought I had a House Finch, but was hoping for Purple as it sounds more rare and beautiful. I have 100s of these and I think they are House Finches. The strips on the breast are the difference. I think the Purple Finch has a softer more one color chest.

    1. Purple does sound fancier, but I've only seen two or three house finches around here and was tickled to see them. Having as many as you do would thrill me.

      According to that website (the url I sent you), another difference is the shape of their beaks. That was the tipoff to me in the photo you posted.

  3. I think I should have said

    is the difference

    but I doubt you really care that I have hillbilly grammar. I have had hillbilly grammar for over 60 years and still have trouble with correct English!

  4. Your self-described "hillbilly grammar" sounds like home to me.


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