Saturday, June 01, 2013

One More Shower Song

A couple of years ago I wrote a post about songs I sing in the shower out of habit. Since yesterday's post was about ordering a new shower curtain, maybe another shower song is in order for this week's Saturday Song Selection. The three songs I mentioned in the earlier post are still in my body-cleansing repertoire, but lately a fourth one has been coming up in regular rotation.

The "new" song is another old one, this time from 1959. I like the song a lot, but I don't listen to it very often, so I only know the lyrics to the first verse. It doesn't matter. The Everly Brothers sang it in harmony, so I sing the words I know one time in Don's baritone part, then switch to Phil's tenor part and sing the same words over again. If it weren't for the other songs that are always in the mix, I'd probably be happy just switching back and forth between the high and low parts of this one until I'm clean.

The song is "Take a Message to Mary" by the Everly Brothers.
Thanks to futykoolz for posting the video on YouTube.
Click here to read the lyrics.


  1. I love The Everly Brothers but this is one I hadn't heard. Thanks for posting.

    1. Considering you were probably all of two years old when this was popular, I'm not surprised you missed it. Glad you like it, though. :)


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