Saturday, June 15, 2013

Off My Computer Screen and into the Real World

If you've visited here on a regular basis, you've probably seen comments left by Holly, who blogs as CreekHiker. And if you've also read Holly's blog, then you already know her longtime canine companion, Mabel. Yesterday Holly and Mabel traveled the road between the blogosphere and real life to spend a few hours at my house.

Holly lives in California but is presently staying in Baton Rouge to care for her mother, who's recovering from hip surgery. I enjoyed her visit very much, and, yes, we talked about a few of you.

As for Mabel, photos don't show how beautiful she is: slim, sleek, and shiny. With an animal's innocence and respectful curiosity, she moved gracefully on her long legs and explored every inch of my house. I loved that. Haven't you ever wished you could feel free enough in someone else's home to study everything in it close up, as if it were a museum? I would do it just the way Mabel did, not touching, just looking. Her ladylike behavior and sweet disposition reminded me of my Kadi, whose birthday it happened to be yesterday.

Mabel at my house yesterday.

I knew from reading Holly's blog that Mabel was good with other dogs, and I hoped my boys would be nice to her. They were. They were nice to Holly, too, though someone less dog friendly might not have perceived their insistence on sitting on her lap and licking her face as nice. 

Levi and Gimpy presented Holly with a tennis ball right off the bat, and she was kind enough to stand outside in the stifling heat and throw it for them. In fact, they had several sessions of outdoor ball yesterday, separated by indoor cooling-off periods.

Mabel chose not to participate in the early rounds of fetch. 

While the boys played with Holly, Mabel inspected the 
backyard as thoroughly as she had earlier checked out the house.

Later, she showed more interest in the game.
(That's Levi with the ball in his mouth.)

Now she's getting into the spirit.

The ball's in the air! Who'll get it?

Mabel, waiting patiently for the silly boys to get back to business.

Here's to new friendships!
(That's Gimpy with the ball in his mouth
and his ears blowing in the wind.)

I thought Levi and Gimpy had plenty of company in each other, but now that I've seen how much fun they had with Mabel, I think I'll have to arrange play dates for them more often in the future. I hope Holly and Mabel will be able to come again before they go back to California.


  1. We had such a blast! Mabel loved the boys and she was pooped when we got home! Thank you so much for the change of scenery! Not everyone would appreciate a 90# nosy visitor!

    1. Even her nosiness was sweet-natured--and also unobjectionable because who's she gonna tell? :)

  2. Mabel? Lady like? Must be the Southern air! So glad you got to visit!

    1. Rottrover, yes, she was. Maybe she didn't show us her true self, but I understand that. I, too, am always on my best behavior when I visit someone else's home for the first time.


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