Saturday, May 11, 2013

"And If You Want to Talk About It Anymore . . ."

When I choose a Saturday Song Selection, I try to find a song that's relevant to a story, an event, or even just a mood. There's one song I love and have wanted to share here, but I've passed over it repeatedly because it didn't relate to anything I'd been writing about (a fact that makes me feel rather lucky now that I think about it). It's a song about friendship, about "being there" for one another through the rough times. It touches on the idea that circumstances change a person's role in a relationship, that the person who needs to be comforted in one situation can be the person providing the comfort in another. I imagine we've all seen ourselves in both roles too many times to count. The song taps into the emotions of those times and feels to me like a warm hug.

If you happened to read yesterday's post, you'll understand why I think the song finally ties in to the subject matter. I'll post it now, while it still fits, then we'll have it where we can find it next time we need to hear it.

The song is "Cry" by James Blunt.
Thanks to sweetLIKEpoison2 for posting the video and lyrics on YouTube.

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