Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Half-Fast Blog Post

The lawn maintenance man arrived about seven-thirty this morning, the sound of his mower waking the dogs and me for only a moment before we closed our eyes and went back to sleep. The dogs couldn't go outside until the grass-cutting was finished, and that seemed as good an excuse as any for all of us to stay in bed awhile longer.

I was away from home Sunday afternoon and most of Monday, so I've made it a point today to play ball outside with Levi and Gimpy, downing an extra dose of antihistamine in hopes of warding off the allergy-induced vertigo that usually accompanies my exposure to fresh-cut grass. So far, so good. My head is only slightly "swimmy," though the combination of antihistamine and half an hour in bright sunshine has made me extremely sleepy and sluggish. In fact, I'm finding it difficult to think--let alone write--in coherent sentences at the moment, so I believe I'll take a short nap and try this again in a little while.


There now, I feel much better.

Several things are on my mind today, subjects too random to be tied together into one post, so I think for now I'll just list them, then use this post as a guide to flesh out each item later in the week:

1) Mother's Day and what was so special about it.

2) Seven hours wasted at a medical clinic.

3) The process of scanning and/or "cleaning up" old photos and newspaper clippings for Audrey's Ambition, the blog dedicated to my paternal grandmother's life and stories.

4) Getting "pretty" with the assistance of two big dogs.

5) A growing--and completely unreasonable--attachment to a tiny green frog. ("Yes," she answers your unspoken question, "I'm gonna write about that @#$% frog again!")

Now that I have a bare-bones post today and a plan for better ones later in the week, I'll spend the rest of the day answering emails. I'm way behind on that, too, to the point that my conscience flashes alarms at me every time I sit down at the computer.

As an attempt to direct your attention away from the feebleness of today's post, I'll end it with a photo of the puddles in my driveway right after our most recent rainstorm. Click on it, if you'd like, to enlarge it. Maybe the reflections will brighten your day the way they did mine.


Your comments might be the very best thing about blogging. I love it when you care enough to share your thoughts here, so go ahead and say what's on your mind.