Friday, September 10, 2010


In a recent phone conversation, my younger daughter, Kelli, casually asked, "So, have you seen "Swamp People"?  I hadn't seen it, so she told me about the people featured on the show, an assortment of Louisiana folks who make their living hunting alligators.  Because we both know a local attorney/State legislator who hunts gators as a hobby, I was kind of intrigued.

After we hung up, I checked it out on the Internet, watched some video clips, and learned that the first three episodes were going to be shown back-to-back on the History Channel last Sunday night.  This didn't seem like the kind of show I would normally find interesting, but I was curious enough to set the DVR to record all three episodes.

Late Sunday night, after I'd watched my regular Sunday TV lineup, I thought I'd just take a quick peek at "Swamp People" and then go to bed.  Oh. My. Gosh!  I was hooked every bit as tightly as the huge alligators shown thrashing about on these Cajun men's heavy-duty, chicken-baited hooks.

Midway through the second episode, my older daughter, Kim, came to pick up her pooches that had spent the weekend with me.  She sat down to watch with me for a minute and stayed all the way to the end of the last episode.  

I'm not sure what fascinates me most about this show. The scenery is certainly part of it, reminding me of the quiet, natural beauty that thrilled me on my own trip into a different but equally wild swamp (which I wrote about here, here, and here), and also my visit with Kim to a more tourist friendly swamp (which I shared with you here).

The show is worth watching for the scenery alone, but it's the people I find myself thinking about after the show is over. I'll admit that a couple of them initially gave me "Deliverance" flashbacks, but I quickly got past that and came to like them. I like some of them a lot. They seem to be honest, hard-working, and extremely family oriented.

If you're turned off by the antics of the "Jersey Shore" kids and the various sets of "Housewives," you might find "Swamp People" as refreshing as I did.   Full episodes are available on the "Swamp People" website in case your Sunday nights are otherwise occupied. If you decide to check it out, be sure to let me know what you think.

Photos in this post were taken at McElroy Swamp,
Sorrento, Louisiana, in March 2007,
the last one with a long zoom lens.


  1. I initially tuned in out of curiosity but was quickly hooked! I love the danger and the hardworking family men. Makes me homesick! And I was really curious about the subtitles... it took me a while to figure out WHY they were using them! I guess my "cajun ears" are used to hearing that thick accent!

  2. I'm going to try and find this show. I love swamps...I grew up in close proximity to one and ever since, I visit as many as I can. There is such a gentle feeling in a swamp.

    Of course, I grew up where there were no alligators! but I've always been interested in the cajun way of life.

    Thanks for the heads up, Velvet!

  3. There is something deeply satisfying about getting hooked on a show, isn't there? I never used to watch cooking shows and I can't cook, but I actually watched Paula Deen make a bunch of wild cookies the other day. You smash up oreos, add some cream cheese, make them into balls and fridge them until they set and then you melt almond bark and pour it all over them.

    I am diabetic. WHY did I copy down this recipe?

  4. Never saw it, because I don't care for gators and I think people who catch them are nuts. Might give the show a try sometime.

    I'm really hooked on "Hoarders" and "Hoarding:Buried Alive". Can't tear my eyes away from those.

  5. Holly, I heard my first Cajun accent when I was 14 and we moved from Missouri to a small town on the Texas/Louisiana border. The accent fascinated me, but there were definitely times I could have used subtitles.

    Marion, you're right about the "gentle feeling in a swamp." Even with snakes and gators in it, it's a spiritual place.

    Maria, my problem is I'm hooked on too many shows. I love the cooking shows, too, but mostly those that involve challenges. Those Paula Deen cookies sound delicious!

    Janet, does anybody really like alligators? As much as I love animals, when it comes to people v. alligators, I'm rooting for the hunters all the way. And I LOVE the hoarders shows. Hm. Just thought of something. When I watch "Swamp People," I can just sit there and relax in the knowledge that I should "not try this at home." But when I watch "Hoarders," I feel like I should jump up during commercials and throw something in the trash."


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