Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bird's eye view

Earlier this week Kim came in carrying a package she'd found by my front door. It turned out to be a gift from my Aunt Shirley, youngest of my dad's siblings, and it was a book created by her son, my first-cousin, Jason.

I've never met Jason, who is half my age and lives more than 600 miles away. He's a helicopter pilot and a talented photographer, and his book of aerial photographs took me on a happy journey to places very near Springfield, Missouri, the town I still consider home.

This afternoon I've spent some time browsing beautiful photos on Jason's website, Now I'm really homesick.


  1. I like the splash in the water! He takes good photos.

  2. I love the one of the child holding a flower. He's an amazing photographer...he has a different way of seeing an object or person. He also knows when to use black and white. It must be so nice to have such a talented person for a relative!

  3. Hmmmm, I though I left a comment when you first posted this. Maybe a little bird flew off with it? I loved looking through those photos, how wonderful the photography. Also? It's nice to look at our world in different perspective. Thanks for that reminder. :-)


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