Tuesday, February 13, 2007

This little light of mine...

When my granddaughter was little, she used to visit my apartment and play on my computer. I'd draw pictures in the Paint program, and she'd color them right on the screen. We created characters of all shapes and sizes from the selection of facial features available in another favorite program. We could play for hours that way, and even before she could read, she could navigate her way through all of her favorite programs. Nothing she tried to do was difficult enough to make her give up.

One day when she was four, I left her playing at the computer while I went to take care of (ahem) pressing business. A moment later she hollered through the wall that the mouse had quit working, and I hollered back that I'd be right there. When I went back into the computer room, I found her crawling out from under the desk. "The mouse was unplugged," she said, "but I fixed it."

She's always had that adventurous, can-do attitude, and it's made her my hero. Where I was fearful and cautious as a child, she was born ready to take on the world. Where I was tentative, she was full speed ahead.

She's all grown up now, and she still radiates light and joy. Today's her birthday. I hope she feels as special as she is.


  1. There is nothing like the love of a child. They say such amazing things. She sounds like such a joy, Velvet.


  2. Happy birthday to a very special young lady. She was such a bright and resourceful child and it sounds like she carried that with her into adulthood.

    I think she makes for a wonderful hero!

  3. Happy Birthday to Granddaughter! It must have been great to watch her grow up! What a lucky girl to have that kind of personality. And a lucky girl to have you for a grandma!

  4. Wow, what a tribute! You honor her - and I'm sure you feel like she honors you too.

  5. Hi Velvet,
    I have been reading you for a few weeks now,led here from looking at Bluff's wonderously lovely beads!

    Could you link me to some of those fun sites for kids?


    ps. I got hooked on you because your stories are so familar.
    I have two daughters born 2 yrs.9mos. apart....I wore hotpants...
    You are very enjoyable to read,so thank you.

  6. Creekhiker, Sunflower, Janet and Annie: There's nothing like a grandchild. They bring us at least as much joy as our children--with much less effort involved.

    Cyotteeflower, thank you--and welcome! Unfortunately, I can't give you any links. My grandchildren are teenaged and older, so when they were small enough to play on my computer, we didn't even have the Internet. We played games on software that was loaded onto my computer. The good news is that the program we used for drawing and coloring was the Microsoft Paint program (a freebie that normally comes loaded under "Accessories" with Microsoft operating systems. The one with all the facial features, hairstyles, etc. was Corel Draw, if I remember correctly, but I wouldn't be surprised if something like it is available on the Internet now. Sorry I'm so out of touch with kids' programs.


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