Monday, February 12, 2007

How I fell for the puppy

This is the fourth time I've sat down tonight to try to finish writing this entry. I'm about ready to just blow it off. Interruptions, even though they are justified ones, are breaking my concentration to the point that writing anything that halfway makes sense requires more effort than I'm willing to give.

Janet's recent posts about falling in her yard, and then, the very next day, about the day her dog, Spot, came to live with her, made me remember how Butch came into our lives. I was trying to write something about how lovable he was and, at the same time, how much trouble he caused in the beginning. It was going to be sweetly sentimental and funny, too. But now? Screw it.

Here's the short version: Somebody found him wandering alone when he was no more than five weeks old (according to the vet) and gave him to us. He was a scaredy-cat puppy who stayed right on top of my feet. Twice, he tripped me, causing me to fall -- hard -- in the backyard. One of those times I fell on the concrete patio, striking my head and shoulder against the house, and ended up in the emergency room. My knee was sprained, and I had to stay off that leg for three weeks.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and tonight, if the picture will substitute for even a couple of hundred words I don't have to arrange in any kind of pleasing order, I'll be satisfied. Here's the picture:


  1. Velvet, I just LOVE Butch's baby pics. That little ham hock look delicious. What a cutie patootie!!! I can see how you found him irresistible!

  2. Awwww - your love for that little pup shines through even in the "short version." You really "fell" for that little guy, didn't you? LOL

    Hope your life calms down a bit soon.

  3. I see he's sleeping against a crutch. Isn't he precious? He was worth it in the end, though, wasn't he?

    I came very close to giving up Spot twice, because he was such a handful and I didn't know if he had brain damage or something, but he finally mellowed out around 18 months. I'm glad I kept him...most of the time. ;-)

  4. Awww such a sweet little pup! Yep, that picture was worth a thousand words.

  5. Velvet, I can almost hear you closing doors with a little too much enthusiasm. Are things still mixed up from Mr J's sudden surgery? How is he doing? And how are you doing with the extra load?


  6. Creekhiker, he's still as kissable as ever as long as he doesn't try to kiss back. (His kisses are a little slimy.)

    Sunflower, yes, I fell for him literally. I still remember trying to get to my feet after that really hard fall. Kadi was right there sniffing and checking me out. I looked for Butch and he was at the far corner of the yard, scrunched down in the grass and watching us from a safe distance. I was in so much pain I was crying, but he made me laugh.

    Janet, he's definitely worth it. In the beginning, though, when I added up the cost of vet bills, my Butch-related medical bills, and four dining room chairs, I had a few doubts. And that was before the long bout of expensive eye drops and surgery. Oh, and surgery on two CCL ligaments before that. He's the most expensive free dog I've ever owned.

    Cindi, he's a sweetie all right.

    Third-Cat, Mr. J is doing very well--exceeding expectations in fact. I'm doing fine, too. He isn't there generating work, so my workload isn't actually heavier. It's just different from the norm. I have to remind myself that I'm not an attorney and can't dispense legal advice (even if I know the answer), so I'm grateful to have a few folks I can count on when only a lawyer will do. So far, so good. Thanks for asking.

  7. he is so darned cute!!! we bet he is a real sweetheart!

    peace and blessings


  8. Keepers, he was cuter as a puppy, but he's sweeter now. The older he gets (almost nine now), the sweeter he becomes. Have you visited here enough to know Butch is blind? He's my Superdog.

  9. I had to come back and look at the photo again!

    You already know that you can't put a price on the fun and companionship. The bad stuff can be forgotten or pushed to the back of your mind. When I think how boring my life would have been without Spot...


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