Sunday, August 20, 2006

Flies on the rise

It's not unusual for me to to find a fly inside my home in the summer; it usually happens two or three times a year. When it does, I swat the vile thing and go on about my business.

Something has changed in the past few days. The flies have become more aggressive. As I sit here writing, two of them are taking turns buzzing my head and landing just out of reach. Yesterday I killed three or four others, and there were a couple more the day before. My home is becoming a habitat for flymanity. My daughter says she's been seeing more of them in her home, too, so I'm not the only one under attack.

I don't notice more flies than usual outside, but the ones that are out there seem to be hell-bent on finding their way into the house. They're like six-legged illegal immigrants, plotting to find weaknesses in my borders and sneak across in search of a better life. Except I don't think they'll really find anything much better once they're inside.

The outside food supply should be more than adequate; there's a virtual fly buffet as close as my garbage can. If flies can get through the tiny crack under the back door, they could easily get inside the tied end of a plastic trash bag.

No, they must be looking for something else. The only thing I can think of that they can find inside the house but not outside is cool air. Has the earth's atmosphere warmed to the point that even the insects are desperate for air conditioning?

I'm trying to put this fly-thing in perspective. I've lived through worse cases in my own life. When we lived in Georgia, the flies were so thick one summer that it was nearly impossible to barbecue outside. On one occasion my husband came up with the idea of offering a bounty on fly carcasses -- a nickel each fly, plus a 25-cent bonus after every 20 -- and my girls racked up.

It's not even as if I'm an excellent housekeeper and the flies defile my otherwise pristine environment. My dogs probably track in more germs than the flies bring in, but Butch and Kadi don't make a beeline to put their dirty feet on the rim of my Diet Coke. Flies do. There's just something about those nasty little creatures sitting on my things, rubbing their front legs together like greedy hands, that offends me to my core. "Ohmigod," they seem to say gleefully, "look at all this stuff just here for the taking."

I know it's petty to whine about a couple of flies in the house. I see television news documentaries in which flies are crawling on the eyes and mouths of impoverished African children. Those poor kids just take it in stride; flies are the least of their worries. I know I should be ashamed of myself, and I promise I will be -- as soon as all the flies are gone.

Ah, well, maybe it's unrealistic to expect to keep all the flies out. They sure don't call them "houseflies" for nothing. Hmmmm. Now that I think about it, I haven't seen any spiders in the house in a couple of months. Maybe I should let a couple more of these guys in to assist me.


  1. I think they come in for the company. When one gets inside, it seems to follow me when I go from room to room. Of course, Spot hides from flies, so I think it's ME they're interested in. I'll purposely go in my room and see if it'll follow, then I shut the door and wait until it lands on something I won't break when I thwack it with a shoe. It's worse when I'm trapped in the bathroom of all places with one-you can't exactly roll up a Readers' Digest to make an adequate weapon.

    I don't blame ya for being repulsed-if one lands on my food, I can't eat it. It would piss me off to dump a perfectly good can of Pepsi just because a fly landed on the rim. I agree with you-they seem to be rubbing their greedy little hands together. Death to all flies!

  2. one of my jobs when ss3 was a baby was to stand by the bed and keep flies off her so she could sleet. wasn't any need to try killing them . no screans on windows or doors. we had to have them open or we would melt down.i use a diaper waving it around over the baby.

  3. should say sleep not sleet

  4. Flies - I despise them. My older brother once told me that every time a fly lands, it throws up. I don't know if it's true, I don't WANT to know if it's true. All I know is I HATE FLIES!!!!!!

    Yeah, I'm in Georgia.......flies abound...........damn it!

  5. Janet, I think our dogs are repulsed by flies, too. Your Spot hides from them and my Kadi tries to snap them out of the air. Poor blind Butch found a dead one on the floor today, picked it up with his lips, then instantly spit it out and gave his head a few fast shakes. Patooey!

    Patsy, I think Sweet-Sister owes you big time for that.

    Priss, I think the flies were the only thing I DIDN'T like about Georgia. The good stuff far outweighed them.

  6. Interestingly enough, Spot will snap at them when he's outside-it's just he can't handle having one in the house!

    Bless Butch! I'm glad he has a discerning palate!

  7. Yuk! Me too especially those big buzzy things that barge into you and bounce off the doors and windows. When they annoy with their perpetual sound in the evening, (there's always one who stays up late and joins you in the bedroom just to annoy) I go from room to room turning on and off lights and head for the bathroom, when it follows I quickly turn off the light and shut the door. Peace till morning!
    You ever heard that song "I know an old lady who swallowed a fly... she swallowed a spider to catch the fly...I don't know why she swallowed a fly"? Maybe they just drove her crazy.
    Hope you can get rid of them. :)

  8. Janet, Spot reminds me of Felix in The Odd Couple.

    Sandy, I sure do remember that song. It never occurred to me to lock the flies in the bathroom, but that's not a bad idea. I was afraid to go to bed last night for fear I'd sleep with my mouth open.;-)

  9. Oh dear, Velvet "sleeping with your mouth open" and a fly.... and the song running around in your head.... stuff of nightmares! hahaha
    But I hate flies buzzing around in the bedroom too.
    PS Hope you are ok and didn't swallow the fly and go in the way of the song
    and...swallow a horse!!


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