Monday, June 12, 2006

New Client Rules

Rule One: If you are perspiring so profusely that you think you absolutely must wipe your face with the hem of your T-shirt, kindly do it outside before you come in. I do NOT want you to stand in front of my desk and expose your wet, hairy belly while you wipe the sweat from your brow.

Rule Two: If you choose to ignore Rule One, please do NOT follow up the face wiping by asking to borrow my pen.

Your cooperation will be deeply appreciated.


  1. Are you related to Bill Maher? Of course Bill probably has female clients and wishes they would pull up their shirts!


  2. sound like you had a bad day.

  3. I told my uncle to stay out of your office!

  4. My belly's not hairy!


  5. How about wiping a snotty nose
    on a shirt sleeve with all the
    crying that goes on in a lawyer's
    office! Could I use your pen?

  6. Noel: I wish! Bill Maher is on way past my bedtime here, and I miss him like a long-lost relative.

    Patsy: Nah, just that one icky part.

    FHG Rebekah: I should have recognized him when I saw his finger up his nose.

    Press: What, you waxed?

    Sweet-Sister: We keep plenty of tissues on hand for that. And, uhh, I'm sorry, but uhhh, I'm using it, yeah, that's it, I'm using it right now

  7. Oops, I meant "Priss," not "Press."


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