Thursday, June 15, 2006

Fuzzy, was he?

I was 24 years old when my first divorce became final, and it was only about nine months until I married for the second time. I don't know whether that fact speaks to the depths of my loneliness then or just to plain old youthful impulsiveness. At any rate, I knew the man who'd become my second husband only about three and a half months before we married.

Naturally, in the months before I met him, I dated a few other guys. Maybe half a dozen, tops. Those were not significant relationships, but some of those guys met my children, and I eventually learned just how thoroughly my girls were checking them out.

When the man I'd later marry came to meet my daughters for the first time, it didn't surprise me that my younger daughter, who was three at the time, climbed onto his lap the minute he sat down. She was (still is) a people person, and she absolutely adored male attention back then.

My new suitor seemed pleasantly surprised that my little one took to him so readily. They chatted for a minute, then she reached out and rubbed her small hand on his forearm in tiny circular motions. Drawing her hand back gently, she looked up at him, smiled her sweetest smile, and announced, "You're the hairiest boyfriend we ever had."


  1. Velvet...maybe you should try one
    more time!

  2. Sweet-Sister, I don't THINK so! It took me a while to get used to the idea of living alone, but now I love it. I've always needed a certain amount of "alone time" anyway, and it would be really hard at this point to have to share the thermostat and the remote control again.

  3. That has to be the cutest thing I've ever heard!

    My mom brought home a guy one time who told me that he knew sign language. I was about 8, I think. Something about him didn't sit right with me and I decided that I disliked him and he HAD to go. I knew my ASL alphabet, thank you very much Sesame Street, and proceeded to sign "go to hell" to him.

    Never saw him again. Go team!

  4. Although I like being married to my smart, funny, content handyman I have no fear of living alone. I sometimes think women are better able to live alone - they know how to cook and clean and find friends more easily than many men.

  5. Oh, Velvet, I love time alone.
    And if I do outlive my husband, I
    will do just fine. I will visit
    my Sisters once a month. I will visit the library and read, read.

    I might even travel to far off lands. My husband will not hardly leave Galla Woods or Galla Meadow.

    I love just having time for a good cup of coffee and a good biography or history! My joy comes in simple things...most are free.

    And, like you, when this husband is not here...I will not try again.

  6. FHG Rebekah: That's too funny! And you were a smart little thing to learn ASL so early. The only sign language I know just uses one finger.

    Annie: The "handyman" part is the one thing I've missed most through the years.

    Sweet-Sister: My grandmother lived alone for 24 years after my grandfather died. He'd been ill for a long time after suffering several strokes. The week after he died, she joined the Widow's Club at her church. They met once a week for a covered-dish luncheon, and we used to tease her by accusing her of having had her casserole recipe picked out for months before he died.


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