Saturday, October 26, 2013

Moving Day

Kim and her friends have been here with the big van, unloaded the furniture and boxes that are moving here with her, and gone on to take the rest of the load to the storage facility. We'll have other boxes and random smaller items to move in the car over the next couple of days, but as of tonight, she'll be living here again. She stayed with me for a couple of years when she first came home from New York, but that was more than a decade ago. It'll be a change for both of us. A good change, I think.

Her dogs, Lucy and Oliver, moved in a week ago so she could pack without their interference assistance. They're getting along beautifully with Levi and Gimpy, perhaps because Oliver established his alpha status a long time ago, and there's no longer any need to fret over it. Gimpy and Lucy have taken a special liking to one another. He waits for her before he goes outside each morning, and she occasionally seeks out his company even as she behaves as if Oliver and Levi don't exist. Levi has assumed the role of canine interpreter, serving as spokesman for the pack when it comes to letting me know what they want or which dog is in the process of breaking a rule. I appreciate his watchful eye; it's as if he's channeling Kadi.

It'll take a few days to get everything sorted out and in its proper place. It'll probably be an ongoing process for Kim and me to make the personal adjustments necessary to accommodate each other's needs and habits, but we're going into this arrangement with an abundance of love and goodwill, we both want it to work, and I'm confident it can.

It's a brand-new day.


The song is "Brand New Day" by Van Morrison.
Click here to read the lyrics.
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  1. Wishing both of you all the best!!!

    Your comments on Sister Mary Catherine brought a tear to my eye! Maybe Levi is really "Brother Leviticus??"

  2. Thanks, Holly! "Brother Leviticus" would be a great name if Levi assumes Kadi's sense of responsibility. For now his nicknames are "Jeremiah Levidiah" and "Leviathan."

  3. Just another great example of how our dogs enrich and enliven our lives. I can't with to hear more adventures of the four, four-footed siblings.

    1. Sometimes they're "four, four-footed siblings" and sometimes they seem to be one big, sixteen-footed, furry mass. They're a happy, funny bunch either way, so I'm sure they'll have more adventures I can write about.

  4. It’s going to be fun having someone else share your home, and with 4 dogs around there is sure never to be a dull moment! I moved back in with my mother in Brisbane last year and feel like I never really knew who she was, now we have some good laughs and have a great relationship.


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