Saturday, September 14, 2013

You Stole My Heart, I Couldn't Leave You If I Tried

It was 1971, about this time of the year. We lived in Miami, Florida. My daughters were just a few weeks into a new school year, one in fourth grade, the other in second. Tonight I'm remembering those days, especially the early mornings, the blond heads of my sleeping girls, their arms and legs tangled in the sheets.

My husband worked nights then, and he usually stayed in bed, sipping coffee and listening to the radio while I got the girls up, fed them breakfast, helped them get ready for school. No matter what was going on in the ordinary confusion of morning, it all came to a halt for my older daughter when one particular song came on the radio. How many mornings did we watch her, smiles on our faces, as she stood there in our bedroom doorway, toothbrush or hairbrush in hand, swaying to the music and singing along with Rod Stewart?

She's been a grownup up for a long time now, but I remember that little girl vividly. Sometimes I still see flashes of her.

The song is "Maggie May" by Rod Stewart.
Thanks to AllTheLoveGoneBlack for posting this video and the song lyrics on YouTube.


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