Thursday, August 22, 2013

Substantial Bits of Nothing

One-a-Day Redux
Day Twenty-Two:  Your Shoes

I hate shopping for clothes, so when I find an item I like that's a good fit and sells for a good price, I tend to buy two or more of the same thing in different colors. That explains why there's a new pair of black shoes in my closet exactly like the old pair of black shoes presently on my feet. There's a new brown pair in the closet as well.

I love these shoes. They feel like going barefoot felt when I was young, before age wore down the natural fat pads on the soles of my feet. They feel better than going barefoot does now. They're lightweight but supportive, nothing but straps and cushiony soles.

I bought the first pair online in 2011 just before my sister and I went on our Smoky Mountain vacation. This is my third summer to live in that pair, which I've also worn in the house for two winters. The tread on the soles is beginning to wear down, so this summer I bought the second pair of black ones to keep on standby, along with the brown ones for variety.

If this post reads like a commercial, that wasn't my intention. I could have written about other shoes in my closet, prettier, more fashionable shoes that I might have described with phrases such as "brushed suede" or "buttery soft leather" or "heavily beaded straps" to make the post more interesting. But, even though I own those other shoes, I hardly ever wear them. As for my go-to shoes, the ones I wear constantly, I'd probably describe them as "substantial bits of nothing."

Hm. It seems that my favorite shoes and most of my blog posts have that in common.

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