Friday, February 17, 2012

Buh-bye, word verification!

Blogger has now made word verification for comments so complicated that I can no longer justify asking any of you to deal with it:

They have also neglected to provide a way on the new interface to disable that feature, so I'll say a hearty thank you to the techies who told me how to do it here

I know some of you will be happy to be rid of it, and the fact that you're happy makes me happy, too. I'll stay happy as long as Blogger's spam filter does a good job.


  1. Hooray! I've been blogging for 6 or 7 years, now, and have never felt the need for word verification.

  2. Rottrover, you're welcome.

    Betty, I hope that will be my experience, too.

  3. +
    i just decovered your blog blind dog running, I found it very interesting. Maybe you should think about a book. I am not of the same mind as your are about animals I own for instance I must tell you if Butch had been my dog he would have been put to sleep when i found him going blind. Forgive me we are just different people' but if I can read blind dog running with interest i am sure people who are of the same mind as you are about animals would love it.

  4. Thank you! It was a pain in the neck for a long time, but recently it wouldn't post my comments even though I'd typed in the word perfectly. Frustration is gone!

  5. Patsy, having read your blog post this morning about your dog, Tip, I think we may not be too far apart in our thinking after all. I'm glad you found Blind Dog Running interesting and thank you for suggesting about doing a book. I'll give it some thought.

    Janet, you're welcome! I have to say I'm SHOCKED at how many spam comments I've received in the short time since I disabled the word verification feature, but so far Blogger's spam filter has captured all of them. That's reassuring.

  6. I just remembered Tip and the baby chicks. Tip was fairly young then, anyway we had the hen who had babies and I got to noticeing Tip watching the chicks . He watched them and if one wonder to far from the mother Tip would take his nose and push the chick back to it's mama. The hen apparently understood Tip's motive because she didn't raise a fuss at all at Tip.

  7. Patsy, that's a wonderful story about Tip. A few years ago my next-door neighbor and I were talking over the fence and she pointed out her dog, a big, shaggy female named Monkey, who was lying in a field near the back of her property. She said she'd walked back there to see why Monkey wouldn't come when she called and found her lying there, guarding a baby bird. It took a couple of hours before the baby found its wings, but as soon as it flew up to a branch, Monkey walked home.

    Coincidentally, I've been listening to music this morning while I've been online, and just as I started typing this response to your comment, Elvis Presley's "Old Shep" came on. Haven't heard it in months. Interesting timing, huh?


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