Saturday, December 03, 2011

Haiku: Big Dog with No Brakes

Happy to see me,
he runs through the yard, hits hard,
knocks me to the ground.


And for good measure, here's a different version, same title:

Big galoot runs fast,
hits me in the effing knees.
I walk with crutches.


  1. all I'm thinking is, are you all right?!

  2. been there.
    done that.

  3. Oh My... He obviously as happy to see you!!!!! Hope you are okay!!!

  4. Sandy and Betsy, this happened Thursday afternoon. I thought my knee was broken at first, but later decided all the damage was muscular. Today I was actually able to lock my knee straight and limp around without the crutches, so I think it will heal fairly quickly. I also think that the next time Levi starts a full-speed run in my direction, I'll just drop to the ground and roll myself into a ball. I may be a slow mover, but I'm a quick learner.

    Rottrover, with dogs as big as yours, I'll just bet you've been there. Levi's 83 pounds were more than enough to bowl me over.

  5. good grief, be careful!

  6. Oh dear. My Lucky does that and veers away just as I think he's going to crash into me, at the very last second. I've often wondered what would happen if he didn't dash away...and I guess I would be joining you on the crutches. Did Levi show you how badly he felt? Lucky can mope for hours if he's inadvertently hurt one of us. xx

  7. Janet, you can be sure I will.

    Marion, I don't think Levi understood that I was hurt. He seemed happy that I was on the ground and tried to play with me, lick me, etc. Now, the day before, when I confronted him with a chewed sock, he definitely showed embarrassment and remorse. He slunk around for hours and wouldn't make eye contact.

  8. I was praying the crutches part was not true! Oh Linda! So sorry!

  9. Holly, thanks. The good news is no bones were broken. The better news is Levi won't always be a puppy.


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