Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger is free!

Keep reminding me:  Blogger is free.

I'd complain about the fact that yesterday's post disappeared until a short while ago, but I can't, because Blogger is free.

I'd gripe about the fact that the comments I left on other people's posts yesterday have vanished, but Blogger is free, so I can't ask for my money back.

The old adage, "You get what you pay for," doesn't apply in this case; Blogger doesn't cost me a dime. I've used it for over five years now, and this was only the second big glitch I've encountered. Yes, there's been the occasional time when one Blogger feature or another has acted "peculiar" for a day or two, but for the most part, it's been dependable, reliable, right there when I've needed it.

That's more than I can say about myself when it comes to blogging. Who fritters away her computer time playing Mah Jongg or Bejeweled? Who gives up trying to write because her dog has just rolled his tennis ball under her desk for the seventh time in ten minutes? Who has days when she "just isn't into it"? That would be me.

Blogger is "into it" way more than 99 percent of the time. And did I mention that Blogger is free?

So I won't complain. Although I did have a few unkind thoughts for a while there.


  1. So happy it's back... I was having withdrawals!!

  2. I still can't leave comments on various blogs, and a whole morning's worth of comments on others' blogs have disappeared...but you're right. It is free and is (mostly) always right there, just waiting for me.

    I sure find it tough when it's not...

  3. I think that we start to take things for granted, and when they don't work anymore we're stunned. It takes glitches like this to remind us about what's really important in our lives.

    Having pontificated, I'll also add that glitches drive me nuts. ;-)

  4. It drove me nuts! Yesterday morning, I couldn't post... but today all is resolved and I'm happy again!

  5. I agree with all of you. Must have checked it several dozen times while it was down.


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